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  1. Busted within your lies valkerie you responded within seconds. As i have said before when Saltyfeet springs into action the only thing left to say is "it's all over" .
  2. What are you crying about now haha. I was in the shower. Stop avoiding the question, why were you trash talking me in wc when I wasn't involved in that conversation or even online.

    Edit: You start off saying I wasn't in the shower, then say I was in the shower with water on me, stop changing your opinion every few seconds haha. I don't have a waterproof phone too. Plot twist.

    Oh, Rogue isn't an alt of mine (it's a violation of ToU for me to wrongfully say so. Just thought I'd get that cleaned up before you go crying to Devs to report me.
  3. How dare you Use the Avengers Endgame title you thief
  4. Nah. When roni sed roge was valky, u risponded with ur alt.

    Don play domb valky. We can see ful ss in ur other thred.

    Dom valky. U got greedy tryna get atention an the only thing u acomplished was bin exposed for habin the atention span of a fly.
  5. Had an alt logged in on pc, probably ran outta speakers on main account and had to use an alt to deal with the scum in WC. Problem?
  6. So it's okay for Roni to mention me in wc and trash talk me while I'm offline, but as soon as I create a forum thread to return the fire you think that's unfair and proceed to cry enough tears to fill the grand canyon.

    Sounds legit.
  7. Ferst u deny ur alt (shame)
    “And, who's this Halcyon account you speak of”

    Then u admit its urs but estate it was necesary
    “Had an alt logged in on pc, probably ran outta speakers on main account and had to use an alt to deal with the scum in WC”

    Wich one is it valky?
  8. Hey Roni, how's that search going for people to farm me on your behalf? When I got that pm earlier I was surprised, I knew you were a coward, I just didn't expect you to go as low as asking others to deal with me.

    So not only are you unable to win any arguments with me, you're also incapable of having me farmed. Nice.

    So far, I've embarrassed you, caught you out for being a liar, posted the relevant screenshots to show how two faced you are (pun intended), and generally stripped away what little reputation you had left. Sad. Very sad.

    My only explanation for this is you have no life and the only thing you can think of doing is going online and picking on people who do.
  9. It was a joke, I changed Halcyon's name recently, obviously went over your head. No surprises there.

    Edit, you were saying in pm you were going to end me/destroy me/deal with me /<insert pathetic threat here>, and that you would be finding my alts with help from your "informant". Fast forward a few weeks and you haven't made any progress. So I've done you a favour and started naming my alts with names similar to this, should make your life easier.

    Now that I think of it, how easier can your life get Roni, you don't have any college/university work to do because you failed GCSEs, and you are on benefits and sit at home rotting away on your only account of three that hasn't been banned yet.
  10. Hahah valk *insert beer cheers emoji here*
    My egg.
  11. Valkerie has changed HalyconDays screenname into the above.You are nothing more than a leech Valkerie trying to get fame from my name and saltyfeet's.You aint self sufficent, you have no history,you have noone ever talking about you ,you aint nothing except some jealous obsessed weirdo.
  13. “Roni waits until I'm offline before she cries about me in wc, she's so scared of me that she won't even talk directly to me anymore...”

    You wore on as shon in ss

    U posted that ss to make it look like u wore tiped off about roni “tokin trash” (she jost sed roge was reely u) but as wc ss shos u wore actibe with alt." style="max-width: 100%;" />" style="max-width: 100%;" />
  14. That account has lots of my comments still on it and saltyfeet's and XoXoX.
  15. Oh no you found my alt that I purposely renamed to let you two chumps find it easier.

  16. Ladies, ladies, and whatever salty is, can't you just hug this out? Lol
  17. Salty=Rat

    Didn't you see his selfie?

  18. U WORE not ofline. I olredy showd u.y u insist?
  19. I could post the entire pm but it's really not necessary and I'd have to blank out a lot of words too.