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  1. Roni claims that I use her name to gain attention blah blah blah. It's clear she's annoyed at people talking about her while she's offline, as can be seen below.

    So why on earth do I keep logging into kaw and see Roni talking about me in wc for absolutely no reason?

    Roni waits until I'm offline before she cries about me in wc, she's so scared of me that she won't even talk directly to me anymore...

    Now, onto the main point of this thread, Roni is clearly jealous of me and is upset, so has started reaching out for help in a feeble attempt to take me on.

    So yeah, at this point it's just fascinating how Roni keeps playing innocent even after being caught out for lying and starting fights she can't win.

    Now, onto the main point of this thread, Roni is clearly jealous of me and is upset, so has started reaching out for help in a feeble attempt to take me on.

    Roni, it's clear you are jealous of LadyTyphoid and I. I suggest you give up before what little bit of reputation you have is ruined? That goes for you too Salty, although to be fair you tried taking me on too and had the common sense to give up when you knew you'd lost. Roni, it's no longer a question of who's who , it's a question of when you will ask for a cease fire.

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  2. Way too much effort went into this diss
  3. These is jost...only a weirdo wud do a collage like these.

    Olso, ur paranoid dud.

    Olso, u kip claimin ur not on but eberytime i post on wc ur on. An i habe a very random eschedule because of work. Ur on days, nights, ebenings, at brakefasts, brunch, diner, easter, xmas an eben when i gotta take a dump.
    Ur obsesed with roni an with ma self. Obsesed.
    Now i to think u wana leech of us to gain fame.
    Its time u let go of roni tho
    u shud habe let it go when roni sed she hears voices.
    As of me, ur tryna to hard dud.
    U tryna too hard an ripit the same things. U don habe any imagination. If u gona leech off me then try bin more creatibe.
    An no, i farmt ur chump lil alt until i was bore. An i was bored cuz u neber returned inc. what a chump
  4. Then u got the nerve to col these post “endgame”
  5. so has anyone seen endgame yet
  6. That was the only rison i open these post. I didnt no these weirdo valky had somehow linked the wor with his freakshow
  7. 1) The collage was fun.

    2) I'm actually not on much, breakfast what's that. I log on at random times to confuse anyone trynna strip farm me. I guess it's an osw habit, not one that you'd be familiar with Salty/Roni.

    3) I'm not the one who is trash talking you / Roni in WC when you're offline. The significance of this is that WC messages eventually disappear and Roni thinks she can trash talk and get away with it, as can be seen in my SS above.

    4) You tried to scout bomb my alt, had a oh damn moment when you realised how good it's hansel build for PvP, and proceeded to play dead for a few days. Strange how you are willing to PvP on your Salty account (although it barely counts as PvP) and yet on your Roni account you never hit back.

    5) Roni hears voices? +f
  8. *Her 
  9. Leech alert ,Leech alert.
  10. You do make a lot of posts about her to be honest.
  11. The colage was jost creepy an weird.

    I mostly do pvp u dom as. R u blind? Don u see i mess with eberyone in wc, forums, wols an estuff?

    I DO NOT escout bonb u noob. I jost dont. I only got a guild in lo lands u moron. An i habe it for game mechanic risons. I only go forward. I don hide. I wan u to no it was me who rekt u. U don do lame escout bonbin.

    An don pritend u didnt see roni wrote she hears voices. Yet u kip pilin on her. Shame on u valky.
  12. Leech alert ,Leech alert.Exactly SaltyFeet valkyrie is some obsessed zero trying to get attention from our name.She has no history on her own.And she lies she wasnt in the shower she was in worldchat on rogueseifer and responded straight away within seconds on rogueseifer and halycondays account.Within seconds she responded in worldchat Stop with the fake editting trying to play victim .How strange you're in the shower with water lashing down yet are reading worldchat and respond within seconds on that waterproof phone. Obsessed weirdo.
  13. Lol saltyfeet i have no osw history at all.Unlike the almighty osw warrior valkerie.Name all them osw's you been in valkerie because nobody even knows of you and worms ee was 2012 .You been long gone.
  14. True.

    Valky claims to b harcor worrior yet nobody nos her from any osw
  15. I olso rimember roni tokin on wc. An i olso rimember valkys alt risponded imediately
  16. Lmaooooooo

    Check valkys other thred titled “look what i found”

    It show roni tokin an imediately after valkys alt rispondin


    Yet valky claims he was told by someone roni was tokin crap while she was absent rofl
  17. I literally included a screenshot on page 1 as proof lmfao. Plus I myself have logged on and seen Roni talking about me in wc when I wasn't even involved in whatever conversation she was having.
  18. Yeah u edited it to show only what roni had sed an to hide that u had risponded imediately with ur alt rofl
  19. True, you don't scout bomb, you fail scout bomb. You mess with everyone yes because you stay low stat (just like your Roni account) in order to hide. You mention game mechanics as if you are familiar with them, keep dreaming Salty.

    Roni says a lot of stuff, with the overwhelming amount of lies mixed in there it's hard to see what's actually true. I'm not picking on Roni at all, and if I was, it wouldn't be for hearing voices (although Roni for real go get some help). I'm retaliating because I'm tired of you chumps.
  20. Original post glitched, now fixed. Take a look.