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  1. Long story for you. LOL
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  3. Muwahaha I tricked you all! You guys thought Seth wrote more but he didn't!

    Sincerly, iNomNom
  4. Inomnom get if this thread. All others who posted don't.
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  6. B U M P - With space
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  8. Yea seriously spamming seths thread is not cool:p
  9. It does not give you the right to vandalise this thread. Do not post here again.
  10. he never said anything about christmas :roll:
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  12. Congradulations
  13. Seth posted today or yesterday on the pro lc thing! I'm walling him! :/
  14. Is the game kaw...
  15. Kaw_iz_broken **** off. You're going to regret making this your grafiti wall. Delete your posts or face consequence. Same goes to everyone else who defaced this story.

    And to everyone else yes I've made it the public opinion that I'm back (I was never gone) I probably won't get any major new posts up before late June, but don't worry my main priority this summer is to finish this and try to get it published. In the meantime, we'll see what sparks of inspiration come to me. Doubt this thread is gonna get cleaned up. Gonna have to make a new one.

  16. This is awesome.

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