End of support for PC client

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  1. I have been playing KaW pc client for 9.5 years on this acc literally longer then 99% player base mind you this wasn’t my original account, and yeah it was a easy to notice sign to say for last few years not getting events or the horrible message system the list goes on.

    I have done all 5 seasons of we war and the pre season as well and the beta test season for ee all on pc... I found it fun and entertaining I was also a WC and a tracker but now I don’t even want to war it’s no fun anymore and even less on mobile.

    I personally think ata are shooting themselves on the foot for this one, they will lose slot of people and lot of money from this on top they’re constant money grabs and not helping the game not trying to adapt...
  2. Hi everyone, we have changed the date to September 3, 2019. The OP has been edited to reflect this.
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  3. Why not change from flash to html5 or even make a steam version instead of just getting rid of it together
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  4. Because they don't have the development manpower for it. Can it be done? Of course, but it's the same reason why this game has the same old 2009 FB browser text based GUI, because they don't have the manpower to make major changes or migrate to a newer platform.

    They rather just use the manpower to make a newer game.. Like they did with Heckfire.

    They can continue milking KaW for a while without any major changes to gameplay, just keep pushing new lands and there's people who'll drop bands on it. Lol.
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  5. Lol, people war, old school style with no bots and cheats? Yea might kill the game but you’ll go out in style ;). Better late than never.
  6. If you get a google chromebook you can war on pc then, its got google play services already on it, all you have to do is download kaw and play that way🤗🤭
  7. Can you guys make a steam version please?!?!? I love playing/warring on PC
  8. N
    No support means no more updates or totally no access to KAW on pc?
  9. During season 4 or 5 (can't remember which) I was tracking off android using pen n paper 😂 looks like that's the way to go again
  10. I can still access pc version and it's 0240. Why?
  11. Can’t wait to try tracking 80man rosters in seasonal wars :’)
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  12. To all good things a farewell..

    KAW PC Version
    RIP 20XX - 9/3/19
  13. So from today we start logging in and out from the phone instead of the desktop 😂
  14. 😪always warred better on PC. Well... all good things come to an end
  15. Try to copy/paste the coming up targets from your phone... :-/
  16. Looks like the game has already lost quite a lot of players after pc is gone. Farewell to kaw in sight
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  17. The funny thing is here it is May 2020 and flash is still being supported on most big name browsers.
  18. I didn’t see this answered during my scan through, and I figure it’s better a late reply than no reply.

    KaW started on iOS / iDevices in 2009, then eventually was on PC through mochigames (and I think KaW Conquest was part of this), then switched from mochigames to Facebook log-in, then Android last. KaW was also the only ATA game I’m aware of that had a PC release, though this is memory / not fact checking myself on this reply.
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