End of support for PC client

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  1. Same here..... maybe I will stop playing this game.. I hate playing on mobile
  2. Marketplace on pc is cheaper than on iphone caused by Apple. Will there be another payment so that everyone over the world pay the same amount for xstals and other irens ?
  3. Bye bot bot machines and kaw cheats 😘👋✋😔😂
  4. When will kaw end on mobile devices? 😂😂®️📱🤔
  5. Devs please a week or two before PC support of KAW shut down put up big packages of nobility. Give a chance players to buy bulk of nobility cheaper than Apple and google pay. This way players can hoard nobility for a while. Thank you devs and please add 50% more plunder on premium eb next weekend it’s my birthday thanks
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  6. Why have i pay 20% more for the same package ?
    On pc I pay the same price as anyone in the world.
  7. I believe tommy is a WC from past seasons 😏
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  8. And to all players who go to an Internet Cafe, your buddy’s house.. people think Androids and IOS is all there is... PC is A free Universal System. Poor kids who can’t buy a cellphone right? Now what to do with my 24” Dual monitors and Yamaha sound to just listen to KaW...
  9. it is a shame to hear, but still keep thinking about the future
  10. People still crying over something they knew 2 years ago was going to happen lol

    They stopped updating pc version in 2017 - you have had 2 years to get used to it and sort out alternatives

    So many pc users not pc savvy or pc aware🤣

    Keep flowing the tears lol im enjoying the read
  11. #JabbaForMod
  12. They don't really care to respond to concerns about this and that speaks volumes to me about where this game is going ✋ ty for the good times 🙋‍♂️
  13. So shall we expect a server dump following the end of the month to remove inactive accounts from the game. Seems like a great time to do so and I believe this was done when moichi was dropped
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  14. No we need those accounts as bfa. Devs should come up new ways to increase bfa since less and less new players. Let’s just hang on until they come up new features and ways to bring in new players.
  15. Bring back 12v12 clan based chaos war on Sept 1. More people should be willing to cast since they wont be penalized for warring from a mobile device.
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  16. What concerns you want them to address?

    It's ending. That's it. It's been ending for 2 years. Not only that, EE wars will be a more level playing field now cause of it. Notice how most of the complaints are of this will effect EE are from the same players who often claimed theres no advantage to EE wars on a computer. Obviously if that claim were true there would be no complaint here.
  17. Are some Kindle devices no longer supporting KaW?
  18. This is great. I've always played on mobile. Can't wait to see how fast i eat...*players unload in war lol. I won't name the few that go dtw .01 secs but this will be grand. Anxious to see what devs divert attention too now. Stay with me peeps, ride this wave wit ya boy
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  19. If I keep KaW open in my browser until shut down, will it suck me into the KaW world? If not, then WOW I can't believe anime lied to me

    haha get it, WOW?
  20. I’m still a Hansel :p