End of support for PC client

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  1. This.
  2. This literally will be the end of wars... it’s naive to think that people just bot on PC.
    In wars it will ruin structure, as there will no longer be trackers. PC added a dynamic to wars in which people could organise and take them seriously, with this removal of PC players it’s going to become the equivalent of cookie clicker zzzz. Devs please revoke this
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  3. What do you know about war? PC support removal is good for both war osw and SWAR. There is few WC and trackers on the game if they want to win they will adapt. PC where most cheats are. Some here making real money off other player by selling them golds. They mostly earn this golds using eb bots. This will be a good thing. This players when they can’t make anymore money of other players might quit and go away. They are part of the problem of the game. Without them this game can add another year
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  4. You are an egg. Those people who spend money to sell gold put more money into the game that otherwise wouldn’t. Less spending=less lifespan. Think a little for once in your life
  5. Issue is that a lot of times people aren't spending money when doing stuff like this. Get a lot of accounts automatically getting items to sell on the market. This means people can get items cheaper outside the game through black markets rather than earn them in game and actually support the game. It's a double edged sword as sure some people who cheat put money in but the vast majority will not. People who are willing to spend money to get ahead in the game therefore have an incentive to spend the same amount of money and get illegal items outside the game which takes away from potential revenue. All MMO have this issue one way or another, finding ways to reduce it is always beneficial.

    Also the final thing to remember here is that ATA isn't stopping PC support due to any of this... Flash is dying and will no longer be supported. KaW is flash based in the browser so obviously it'll die with flash. What use is there to supporting something that is already miles behind (no legends for example).
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  6. Good stuff. Those who bot will cry
  7. @Kezzer thank you for explaining to that idiot sourcewalker properly. Have you noticed he quickly respond to my post. We knew this outside transaction does not help ATA only taken ATA potential profit. All this years I’m playing I know many players doing outside transaction. They want quickest way to get ahead and forgot to have fun. They are being taken advantage by this players who profit of them. Then this players who spend money outside the game quit in boredom. I wish devs would do something about this players but they keep ignoring the issue. I remember during YAFI vs ZAFT war one player making a lot of money from YAFI side to keep particular player to be on top to be untouchable while the rest of both sides destroying each other. The common players had no clue they are being used for profit by a player. I’m glad he was punished for it by the help of dedicated players to bring him down. This issue still going on in this game and we learn to live with it. Majority of players would be happy to see pc support is gone. We advocated this pc shutdown since 2013 because we knew then the cheats come from pc can do so much damaged ti players and quit.
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  8. I haven’t posted in a very long time. I only spend money from my pc. I’m afraid this will be the end of an era for me. I’ll rage quit from my pc account. I truly hope this is re considered. Eh, what do I know. Change is supposed to be good for you, right.
  9. Still waiting
  10. Cool. I'll be sure to lose interest in this game faster than I intended now, since warring won't be even remotely as fun 😒
  11. I cannot Agree with this... You know this was going to happened, and you need to put some dollars in to migrating your old site to HTML5, I respect it is your Business, But PC Version is more fun and is always there.. Why choose to only Profit from Android and Apple, When you can have this Free Kaw Version out there on PC....

    Having a PC Version is a Must for most games out there. Check the Apps Life cycle, many successful apps don’t last this Long Has KAW...

    Hope you are doing the right move.
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  12. So... in addition to not being able to play on my ipod ( nook and tablets ) alts ( because you dont support old models) now I can't even access them via PC? Thanks for taking my time and money? !
  13. Wow. with all the web browser's out there that support flash you say a few don't so your stopping PC accouMrs from playing anymore with a pc. Don't you guys ever check what's out there to see what web browsers support flash? You didn't even bother to ask your loyal players what they think, just take our hard earned money and run with it. Oh well it was a nice game to playlast wonder how long it will last now.
  14. People need to stop acting like they don’t have a phone and that ATA could actually control flash being supported or not. Yes they could run KaW on something besides flash but that would probably cost more money than they would profit in return. The main people crying and saying the game will end are people with a dozen alts on pc and abuse PC in wars.
  15. Gonna save a lot of cash since i cant play at work anymore.
  16. It is call Freedom... not being Tied to a cellphone is amazing.. you have the freedom to jump to your Laptop, Desktop anywheee In the world with an Internet Connection and play KAw with out the need of a Cellphone, I jump to all devices when I can... being tied to Android and Apple is not always good that is my thinking... anyway it’s their decision,

    Question for Mods And Old Players....

    Did Kaw started on Apple/Android Or PC back in the beginning?
  17. It only took 5 years of warnings from players about bot abuse...but it’s finally happening!

    If only all you idiots having a winge appreciated the inequality and rorting. Clickbots, Open APIs, poor authentication...
  18. The fact that ATA won't make an effort to convert to HTML5 is bad because it shows how little effort they are putting into KaW. Combine that with various glitches, bugs, and broken features that have been a """feature""" of the android oS (and presumably the Apple oS) for YEARS, shows that the devs really don't give a crap about this game. Combine it with almost 0 feedback from them, and it further proves my point. Enjoy KaW while it's here, but don't bother holding onto a cache of crystals.
  19. I see comments about other unsupported devices thats the device issue not a kaw issue. Unfortunately you need to.let go and get a new device.

    So pleased that pc support will finally be stopped. My device is fast enough for war. Pc now has war issues like your troop levels not displaying and laggy nf. It used to good to help track, copy n paste and load targets but with the war format as is. Tracking is simple. War roster is easy to navigate. Just cant copy n paste.