End of support for PC client

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  1. Autoclickers are for phone, script for pc so this change nothing, this just give power to afew while soft the rest, if wanna do a big change fix the glitches that give extra hits, those hits just help top alb, that glitch is since almost the start, we alm should do same attacks , the fact that strongers accounts can abuse that glitch is sick
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  2. Hello Kawers! First of all happy to see u guys trying hard to give each & every kawers equal experience in game play. As i Warred on both platform i can clearly say that pc players have clear advantage over mobile device regarding speed. especially while dumping or eating someone. Tracking on pc is way better or i can say best but manual tracking or mobile tracking is also doable as i have done many time in past. and still one can use pc for tracking except that copy paste things. after pc version i think war will be more competitive as there is no clear advantage to any player except skills.
  3. what a useless idea, more power to the money players.
  4. Lira, with all due respect, if you dont know anything about this game, maybe you should play it first.
    For instance, the feedback system is automated and It also doesn't work fluidly. You have to tap send 100 times for it to maybe send. Theres also the issue of not being able to open a ticket at all. Feedback literally doesnt help at all. "Thank you for your concern... We'll investigate". And Yes, I am mad because it was most likely you who silenced me ignorantly, even though support has repeatedly informed me that my banner was okay. #FreeHardly
  5. I’m gonna enjoy summer war and asw where I can have a fast war for maybe the last time
  6. Couldn't have said it better

  7. This is a thing? Ive been paying an extra 60% for nothing?
  8. Completely wrong
  9. NOOOOO this was the only way I could ever win forum trivia
  10. Well done dev. Those who complaining abt warring in pc. U just need to get use to warring on phone.  Bots gone
  11. Why u racist against computers ....what if a homeless person doesn’t h w a phone and plays kaw at the local library between looking at pictures
  12. Truly the end of an era. Rip
  13. Rip to all the alts lol
  14. With the demise of the web client, what ATA must do is normalize the app experience on Android, IOS, and Kindle, and incorporate the nice features of the web client into the upgraded app UI.

    Shoot, we don’t even get a consistent experience right now from one IOS device to the next, or from one Android device to the next.

    And finally fix the annoying door glitch, last premium item glitch, double xtal used message glitch, and severely delayed messaging glitch!
  15. It might be heresy but why not rewrite the UI in a write-once deploy-many framework model so that not only would the PC version still be available, the IOS and Android versions would look land behave the same?
  16. Oh, one point I forgot.
    Please make EB actives in other clans available to iPhone users. I always logged onto PC to see it when farming rosters and without it, I won’t be able to see actives anymore.
    And Musang’s point about payment is true too. Gonna get real costly for some peeps around the world.
  17. Was bound to happen eventually 🤷‍♂️
  18. This is the best thing ever
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