End of support for PC client

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  1. He means for EE
  2. Hahahah! Goodbye majority bots! 
  3. Great news ! Much support for this. Now no more bots 
  4. All in all it’s just another brick in the fall
  5. With more options, you can reach more people. From a business standpoint, that will be a minus number! Since ever you could play on the PC a great pity that this traditional function is eliminated
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  6. This is good for EE. Now hansels actually have a chance again since everyone is subjected to using their phones. Bot usage through PCs and auto clickers are what ruined wars.
    Yes, tracking is gonna suck but peeps just need to go back to doing it by hand. That’s how the game used to be played. Everyone just got lazy.

    Now everyone has a fair chance to chase ally LB again - harder to bot during promos now. It’s fair again.
    Steal bots - should be gone now.
    PvP farming bots - should be gone now.

    Protection - well, some peeps already moved it but at least less people have access.

    The good outweighs the bad here. Players might be more motivated again.

    Now devs, please do something for clan loyalty. Lol
  7. Not really since no one starts on PC. Also, PC used to be necessary for alts. Now it’s not needed anymore since you can switch accs on your phone device.
  8. I don't think you understand his point.
  9. Disappointed. This will kill EE.
  10. Sure I do. But he’s overestimating the impact.
    Again, the pros outweigh the cons.
  11. Always tears. It is what it is and no the game will not die. I bet if the devs changed the background coloring of the opening page people would saw KaW is dead. Geesh.

    I do echo a request out there. Please make it easier to switch accounts around. You have asked people to move their pc accounts to phone so I hope you support quicker access to those accounts.
  12. Support your second paragraph :)
  13. I agree, Huma.
    Maybe have a login page where you can choose which account you want to log into and simply put a PW in.
  14. Devs make some special packages before pc support ends. We need players to be able to buy nobility in big bulks in packages. This way can stock up nobility before Apple and google put a chain on everyone purchases thanks
  15. Well devs you did it! You finally killed your game! Instead of trying to put the effort into working your pc version off of flash you decide to just say oh well and get rid of it. Well i see what you did there. You guys are tired of making money and WANT your game to die. Smart of you guys to do it this way, atleast now you guys can pretend you tried your best.
  16. I hate that i agree with this

    And be interesting to see if ee participation improves now
  17. I agree what you agree denoted mode luv you tho
  18. Tell whoever is in charge that PC version is what really matters out there..

    Just invest some dollars and move from Flash to HTML5, trying to survive on Apple/Google is not always a good platform... you need that classic/Original way of delivering your Awesome Game, MMO community is huge, But ATA itself seems it’s trying to move into another direction... my question would be will ATA survive if KAw is gone one day . sushi labs where are you.. Bring back the Monkeys!!!
  19. Devs straight trash... Give playerbase what they want scumbags
  20. I agree with both of you.