End of support for PC client

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  1. So disappointed with useless kaw devs...its not like you can even run the apps smoothly...You'd be better off giving up on apps and fixing the pc version tbh 

    What about those players who dont use pc to bot or farm charms?

    I use pc version on web browserfrom phone if im away from home.Saves carrying multiple devices.

    Thanks for nothing.I guess pc version is not bringing in enough cash for devs
  2. Stop, it's already dead
  3. about time no more pc. Thank you devs this will kill all the bots on pc. Good job thanks again. This is a good thing all the bots is out. Now I’m waiting for botters tears flow and quit the game. I charged all devices and buy more devices to smack inactive pc accounts. Now we will know the botters clan. We will see clans dies. NAL we will be here 
  4. I hope you understand the implications of what you are doing. This’ll be the death of this game. Ty
  6. Only positive take away from this is an end to the massive amount of charm farming and multi casting alts in wars for chest farming.
  7. Actually we been asking for years to close pc version. I’m glad finally come to close pc even tho not ATA decision still great news
  8. Cellphone emulator emulates a phone on your PC so you can download kaw app to it, not a browser on your phone opening kaw.
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  9. This ^
  10. First mochi shutting down now this *cries*
  11. Droid emulator cost $35. You can buy older devises on ebay with that price less hassle and safer
  12. I agree that the developers will be able to allocate their effects more effectively into mobile. It does solve many problems with charm farming so I would expect to see a huge change within the market very soon.

    The one issue I do have is the amount of extra effort which will go into the mobile version.

    Developers, I will say this once, this is a big move considering that many of us use both mobile and pc. There must be a big change in something like the UI. Although mobile will now be the only way to access KaW some of my fellows will have to be persuaded to play in this new format.

    I wish you luck and hope that whatever the reasons behind this will benefit the community.

    Therefore I will support the Developers in this scenario.
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  13. Those PC users, especially the PS1, please provide your names so that we can release our spare troops after August.
  14. We both know you are royally screwed after 8/31 
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  15. Rip EE since you guys clearly couldnt care less about it.
  16. No. Do some research at least.
  17. Lol whats the point anymore? Devs even gonna respond to the comments? Pc play is a big part to a big group of players. Shame
  18. Tracking in wars is over. Anyone who likes warring will continue to do so one their phone. Stop crying because you got a small war advantage taken away.

    Also...did anyone else not realize PC was still supported?  I mean KaW on PC is stuck in 2016.
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  20. EE wars have already been gone for years.