End of support for PC client

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  1. Hello KAW! This is an early warning that we will be ending support for the PC client of KAW on September 3, 2019.

    The original PC client was created nearly 10 years ago on Flash, which is no longer being supported by major browsers as of later this year. Furthermore, many new features that have been implemented since then are not available. As such, we have decided to no longer support the KAW PC client so that we can better focus on the app versions.

    If you currently have an account on our PC client, you can easily transfer your account onto the mobile game client using your ATA ID or Facebook login. Simply download our app onto your mobile device, which is available on Google Play, the App store, and Amazon.

    You can then sign in using your ATA ID or Facebook and your profile will be available to you. Please contact our support team if you require assistance to do so.

    Edit: It is done

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  2. Lol bring on the flood of salty tears.
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  3. Rip warring on pc
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  4. KaW steam edition?
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  5. So long and thanks for all the fish
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  6. Support
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  7. Well guess I’ll become even more inactive
  8. Disappointed to say the least.
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  9. I think one of my favorite things to do was war on pc and drop a full bar on someone in under 10 seconds. It’s a shame I can’t do that anymore. I really hope you allow for some functionality that lets people match this speed on phone. The fast pace of wars is one of my favorite things about this game
  10. Support for your support
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  11. Rip to war I quit 
  12. Also tracking in wars will be nearly impossible and repins are hard enough to hit as is with limited activity in rosters. Could you consider at least changing random ko in KA war to 10 min flat ko?
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  13. How are people going to track in wars now? No more ss support for copy and pasting lul. You guys are really trying to kill off EE wars.... first you remove war seasons, then you remove reward equipment, now you remove PC compatibility. Guess it’s time to officially call it the end of an era for wars lol
  14. Will never happen. This kills off warring as a ps1/hansel basically forever.
  15. Download bluestacks
  16. Just guaranties the closure of game its been a nice long ride the end is near great job
  17. It’s literally not their fault. It’s a flash game that will no longer be supported on browsers. Get a cellphone emulator on your PC and go from there. Although it sucks trackers in war are now dead.
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  18. you realize it wont be supported on any form of pc browser even on phone right...?
  19. Worse and worse news every day week. RIP to ee and all wars.
  20. Farewell KaW
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