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  1. I am tired of HTE. It was the worst addition to the game in recent history and should have never been more than a short time thing.

    - It ruins clan loyalty and promotes elitism. Clans who can run B2B HTE are more favourable than others that can't. It's hard to run a clan without HTE since everyone in this game is greedy for EB gold.
    - It contributes to the major over inflation that this game is experiencing. People think "more money yay HTE is great!" Is it really that great? Would you know any different if it wasn't an option?
    - ATA use HTE as a distraction. They flash a HTE promo and everyone thinks it is the greatest thing ever. People do not see the value of this game other than making more gold. As long as we have x3 HTE, who cares about the flaws of the game!
    - They use it to money grab. "But the devs need money, how can they run the game without this epic battle!" The game ran fine for years without HTE. Has this epic battle contributed to any ground breaking improvements to the game? Or is it just contributing to A Thinking Apes Lamborghini fund?

    People really need to see the problems in this game and they are blinded by HTE. Everyone thinks that just because you can make more gold, the game is more fun. The truth is it's not. Until a year ago, there was no Haunting The Escape. Was the game not fun? Actually the game was MORE enjoyable than the money grab and gold fest it is today.


    To all those who are just so excited about the newest HTE promo (again), enjoy it. I for one will be sitting it out (again) and spending my money on better things.

    I want to know what others think of these gold promotions and the removal of this epic battle. Feel free to share your support or butthurt EB fairy no-support rage below.
  2. I hereby request troll to leave my thread
  3. The difference between the game a year ago and now is it now costs 33T To HFBC.

    You need more gold to grow.

    HTE is the only means to do this. End HF lands and upgrades and you can remove HTE
  4. Destroy tera
  5. 33T? Are you serious?
  6. If more people stripped each other rather than hit HTE we wouldn't need to have more lands would we?
  7. Yes I'm serious.

    Go check a build calculator
  8. Exactly terra

    And if I could teleport I wouldn't need a car.
  9. :lol:
  10. There would still be a gap between people who pay to play those that don't...There was a huge gap between me and lb when I started kaw and nothing has changed people still max xstal nob and buy accounts to volley gold from
  11. End tera for life
  12. Terra, the rules on kicking someone off a thread has been the same for years. The person has to break ToU before you kick. If you kick without them breaking ToU, they can remain on the thread.

    Troll, I don't doubt you. It's just that 32 tril is way too much IMO.
  13. Terra stop moaning
    End Hte= stops a lot of income= less nice things for us= everyone sad= everyone quits kaw= we all get a real life
    You see what can happen!
  14. I agree. Hte causes heavy inflation. Support

  15. Shhh chubby the leaderboard don't buy other accounts what are you talking about
  16. Im fine with a slow hflc, you know why……… because its meant to be bloody slow its an achievment! it would be fine if it was only available to new starts, but its not.

    Its is a nice addition to game to have a great event eb, but its supposed to be an event not a constant.

    If i remember right, they introduced highpaying ebs to war participaters to regain resources used in war to promote war.

    I think they are just scared that nobilty sales would plummit and the reintrest in xtal sales wont cover it.

    Keep HTE event eb, but as its meant to be, an special event.
  17. Support the era before HTE was good, even if the HTE was only on weekends once every two weeks it would help balance kaw and bring back clan loyalty whilst the devs still get income.
  18. What is this crazy idea about balancing kaw?

    Kaw is a pay to win game. Meaning more you spend better you are.
  19. Hte is a disease. Support