Enchanting, Equipment and Epicness

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  1. Interesting idea However, I'm qith Globhal. Cland that war for a "living" are once again put on the endangered list if they wish to be "enchanting". 
  2. Let's not judge yet,See how the update is first before you start talking bad about it.This message is for ALL KaW players.
  3. How much land do you have to BE able to upgrade it tho
  4. Imortal I would think (I'm not sure) but probably all lowlands you need to have
  5. I finally get to improve these near-to useless hooves! xD
  6. Lol another fail of a idea kaw_admin. Seems u get dumber with each passing month.
  7. There should be a method in which players could reduce the risk, possibly by using additional mithril, gold, or some other type of ingame currency..
  8. @babyguy the origins helmet is worse than the hooves despite it dropping from a harder eb
  9. So does this mean the acheivement bonuses are delayed yet again?
  10. Quite the opposite. This incentivises players to grow, and KaW isn't rocket science. There are sticky threads and tons of ways to grow in this game. A simple example for easy growth would be "hit an eb". Do you need to be an experienced plauer to figure that out? I think not.

    That's what makes the drops special. There is a real sense of accomplishment when you finally get your item. This is a good thing, not a bad thing.
  11. how exactly does this get rid of wars? There are some high value items that I am lacking, and I am currently at war with iG. I fail to see the correlation between the introduction of items and the reduction of war. War will always be here if you so chose to engage in it. Items have no bearing on this. Wanna go to war? Go to war!
  12. Another thing to make it almost impossible for newer players to grow. Also, this doesn't make it to were more wars are done. Useless update in my opinion
  13. If the eb drop rate is a horrible as you say, and almost no one get them, then your statement is a "non sequitur". :roll:
  14. @ Moose, an accomplishment ?? And when you do FoD for months and get nthg, what s the word for it ?
  15. Sorry you feel that way. There is no fun pointed to you head. You don't need to quest for the items, enchant them, or even play the game.
  16. Stupid, stupid, stupid

    How the **** will I enchant my items when I don't EB!
  17. Im guessing you"ll need highlands lc for level 3 castle
  18. I don't really mind this update as much as the previous few....

    But devs are simply contradicting themselves, with their last thread being called "Kingdoms at War!". When clearly they only want us to EB more. :(
  19. I call it poor luck. :lol: keep plugging away. You'll get your drop