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  1. So I've been playing off and on for several years. When these events 1st started, PC accts were included in the fun. As they started to inch closer to rolling out Legends they, as many know, phased out updating PC accts. That in itself was frustrating. I have 2 accts that I cannot switch over to a mobile or tablet, they pretty much have to remain on my Chromebook. I have spent hours downloading, testing, and removing a ton of emulators in an effort to get my pc accts the same advantage that all mobile players have. The main issue that I keep running up against is this: Like I previously mentioned, I am running them off a Chromebook. My chromebook supports android apps, but not on accounts run off the Chrome browser. And when I do run into an emulator that is compatable with Chrome OS, I have to be able to convert the file to a PSK.. How can I convert an app that is not savable?? I have asked several mods, the devs, 1 mod did try to be helpful, but to no avail. If their are any players that have encountered and gotten around this, please let me know your secrets!
  2. You can run it nicely through a Commodore 64
  3. Get a better laptop you poor person
  4. Try remixos I use it for a old account that I don't grow just collect SB. And can be booted from most any usb devices.
  5. Troll elsewhere you piece of trash
  6. Sad but True, Devs and the owners of this game need to update PC version of this Game, I have said it before, The MMOrg Comunity is bigger than the games ATA has Term.. They need to get back to their Roots...
  7. So can you still run on pc at kingdoms at war.com just with no legends?
  8. Don't think you can trade either
  9. Well if you can’t trade then I’d quit.....dammit all to hell
  10. U can get a android tablet these days for $35. 
  11. damn now that i think about it i can have unlimited alts that way
  12. We need to have This Game updated for PC players too... Os always good to get on the Laptop/ Desktop When u are Charging youre Phone, or when you are in the process Of swap for a newer one...
  13. Just wondering. Is there a reason why the developers did not improve the pc version? Lack of time/resources? Intentionally not wanting to? Etc? I’m relatively new so I wouldn’t know. I just use my laptop for wars and tracking. I don’t use my laptop for any other purposes like trading and and such that it doesn’t have. For everything else I use my phone.
  14. Just use bluestacks and download kaw off of that, it works well.
  15. I think they regret bring the game to pc.