Eminem found dead

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  1. Rapper eminem was found dead 6pm in his detroit manison stomped to death
  2. What a ******* tragedy.
  3. "Detroit mansion"
  4. Wut. Correcting spelling errors in an incorrect manner frustrates me omg.
  5. I heard that someone found 50cent sleeping under a vending machine a while back... (Picture of 50cents under a vending machine)
  6. I thought "Detroit Mansion" was a joke about the crumbling infrastructure.
  7. See she gets it
  9. You missed the joke.
  11. Live on in our hearts
  12. UPDATE:

    OP has changed his name from ishrekedurmom to SLOGGERBALLS.

    Troll: any agreeificators?
  13. WillyIsProbablyFatAndBald: any agreeificators?
  14. I'll miss that wrapper