EE War 2018 Update Request

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by Majin_Venom, May 6, 2018.

  1. There Is a lot of ideas ro be honest, but guess ata Is understaff.. Just re balance All the Season War Equipment, why keep adding More...
  2. ATA is about to get right on this, with their 2 member strong KaW team.
  3. Support bring back EE. Advantage and random ko need to be reintroduced. 100 man weekend indi wars were great fun to. I personally miss primal wars and maybe indi primal would work, least it's something easy for the Devs to do till they work out the rest.
  4. Warring is where the game is fun, not EB’s. Devs don’t realise how much they need to focus on it.

  5. There's not enough people warring to fill 100 vs 100 rosters anymore.
  6. I Bet there Is at least 50 vs 50... If i remenber All those where the last weekend wars We did
  7. Since ATA lost interest in war so did those who left. So yes its true not nearly enough ppl left for war leaving only constant button smashing events for trinkets and baubles. I’d wager many original kawers still left playing unload out of boredom. I resemble that last remark.
  8. ASW 2018...

    The wind feels cold in my hand, while i look to the stars, remenber the old ones They Said..

    I take my sword in to my back pack, my boots on my feet, did i put undies... Bah who cares... War Is Coming....
  9. If to they fix ee war i will definitely do war ever since i atarted kaw wanted to do ee but always seen people say it needs to be fix so if they fix it I'm down to do ee and i personally do not like low land war it sucks
  10. Would be cool if We can have back Weekend 100 vs 100 Wars....

  11. We're getting a trade calculator and you put in suggestions for EE wars?It's become a game of faires mate =)
  12. So ASW 2018 Is Over lets move on..

    S7 Wars are open To All Builds...

    But again Devs Please CAP Those Charm/Furnishing or Disable them for this Type of Events..

    ASW was a Mess But We have To continúe,
    S7 Wars are a Tradition in KAW where All Builds can Join...

    Its been quite messy so lets Hope They are All Individual And not Just Low Land That can be unfair..

    Also Ramdom And 7-10 Kos would be Nice...

    Devs should give us a brief historia of The type of events That KAw Players are always waiting for....
  13. The thing I see with capping charms is that charms are effectively the same as allies as far as stats go. They provide a static boost so tiny builds can pretty much always be doing their maximum damage. If you wish to cap charms then why not cap all types of static bonuses? All static bonuses besides towers, castle, pots and mith that is.

    I do want to see a war season though. With a prestige system it could truly be great. It incentives everyone to war as they get wars suited to their level of play and those who are more skilled will get better rewards to reward their ability. War events currently are too much about activity and how many tokens you get overall. Yes you should get rewarded for warring more BUT surely the whole point is to see who are the better warriors as opposed to who has the most free time.

    Just my view on it but I would love to see more war events.
  14. You said it better than me, better warriors with Good strategy, teamwork And not Just Charm Overpowered.