EE War 2018 Update Request

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by Majin_Venom, May 6, 2018.

  1. I got my ASW 2018 shirt ready 
  2. -Bring back primal and round wars, keep Indi and LL

    -make all war types rotate through classic, advantage, and random

    -all star war

    - season 7

    - new war equip

    - make ko green again
  3. I would be great with a Chaos War Season or 50 vs 50 Weekends 
  4. I think more than one hour a war is crazy. People are AFK just for the one hour as well as the preparation... Asking for longer is insane... Especially if you aren't the one wc'ing it
  5. We need mith equipment like in s 1 2 3. That equipment should not be out of date within a couple weeks so please bring out a new set of mith gear that will not be outdated by the next eb event. There are, my ruff guess 50 warriors that do indi still day in and night out but seeing the same ones every war is boring. Its nothing more than a hobby at this point and I've been pinned inactive in the same bracket with lbs for at least 6 weeks now. I got not a single action last war but was active for the brief and war. Because all I can do is dive bomb the lbs to help out as little as possible I do it but that is lame. War needs to include hundred(s) of people involved with the match making not just top 50 vs top 4000.
  6. Support. When mith equipment became outdated they still had Equipment prizes for top 100 which was stronger than the eb event equipment. Since they removed that participation went way down and never recovered. IMO it would increase numbers a bit at least if they brought it back.
  7. Full Support , Bring Back EE War Equip, this Equip needs better stats always because its obtain thru War not Hitting EB 24/7--

    You can start by Increasing cutre y Stats on All S1 to S6 , Sorry for Those That turn SWars Equip in Charms , But again Is a War Game And Devs Working in The Game And bringing back the fun Is great... Balancing Charms And Hit ranges Is a Good start.. See you at ASW2018
  8. ASW 2018 ..... ?
  9. EE Beta, S1 and S2 were great and the equipment was worth being focused soley on the wars. Plus it was fun being a Worm.

  10. That it was.... those were the days. I started in the first beta wars too. Stuff was organized, warred with the same close knit group for the most part, it was awesome. Udder madness. Actually just the other day took a trip down memory lane and looked through old war records.
  11. Back then you just had to guess the enemies BFA, and add up their equipment and you had their real stats. Now you have to guess charms, rewards, BFA, Bfe, add furnishings, add the achievements % to that 
  12. Ee is dead as much as I hate to say it. My clan No_exceptions got no match all this event 6 wars in a row I've lost my ee5 because I can only do war 3 because of work and other stuff #devsdontcareaboutwar
  13. Yup if They Could make the roster small back To 11 vs 11 And add Random And advantage type of War... Also They would need To give something in return .. Better payout

    Its simple, They Just need To beef up All Season Wars Equipment, S1 to current,
    Increase the stats of the Equipment That drops from EB,

    A disable Big Lands button would be nice, so We can War in Any Bracket We want To

  15. Which clan ? I remember having to match BFE and build.
  16. bumptity bump bump. Make wars more accessible then the Asian and British time zones. Bet you'll get more peeps warring. Also saw someone mention equips earlier too. At one point ee equips were stronger in one aspect ( attack stats) and eb equips were better in spy stats. There was a major difference between the two. If u wanted better stats in certain equips then u warred or eb. It's been JUST eb equips for years now. Get back interest in warring by making one stat ee war exclusive again
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  18. Still Waiting and mY shirt is ready since 4 weeks Ago c'mom Devs..

    Get Ready to Ruuumble!!!!

     Drinking my Ice Tea in the rain covers my tears
  19. no need! just make e war ranking same as eb ranking! award same top 10, 50 and 100 equips/pets to war ranking then u will see people coming back to war.