EE War 2018 Update Request

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by Majin_Venom, May 6, 2018.

  1. Yes! We need all of this, plus a charm fix for wars.

    100man Indi war was awesome for weekends, total madness really miss those.

    If devs decide to go full out also add extra rewards for wc and tracker and maybe a special color or bigger letters. Deffo need something new, Indi wars are the future NOT LL.
  2. This, devs wake up.
  3. Bring back TVP I'm great in it
  4. Add repeater in wars also please Devs you dog fockers
  5. Needs to banned autoclickers first so they can't transfer charms . I smell the autoclickers on this thread with tears. Wars need to stop and ATA can save for advertising. They spend 30% man hours on support.
  6. There no Autoclickers lets focus on bringing more War Types back o the Game...

    Yes Pink Special color for Trackers And Commanders also some extra drops for them, I know WC put effort And time on Wars
  7. Only autoclickers who says no autoclickers. There is huge number who uses autoclickers in wars. They ruin wars for new players and honest players. If you are a new player and get hit with auto clickers. Before you can hit your out going attack. All of a sudden your news have over 20 incs within a second. You check your newsfeed and only 2 to 3 player hitting you. You got to be annoyed and have a bad experienced in war. This bad experienced in war for new player will just get them to stay on EB until bored and quit the game.
  8. Why focus on war when there’s other essential stuff on KaW to focus on? Like lack of players? Economic inflation? Gold inflation ?
  9. This game is whatever you want it to be or Play.. Is a very good small universe, saddly is dying... Why because it's supposed to be a War Game.... :) System wars, Off System wars or Simply Hitting EB and keeping in touch with friends is another
  10. With so much complain in support system from SWAR. They should stop wars and save money for advertising or change game dynamics by compartmentalize players base on size. This way players can look forward to move in every level in kingdom
  11. Ko is red now
  12. Trust me if They put KaW Classic Versión Just the basic 2 lands, I would play It.... And pay for items also.. I wish We would never grow off 500mcs
  13. And Now a Unicorn Event ... Back To u Ads
  14. Did someone say ASW 2018?
  15. I wish
  16. Bring back the chaos wars. I've said this many times over the years. 10 vs 10. Anything goes.. you won't know how your warring until u actually get into a clan and opt in.( ie turn off different lands, change ko type, have allies count or dont... chaos possibilities are endless now) These were also every hour on the hour. < would make for spur of the moment playing a lot easier than it is now. We obviously cant go back to how it was preseason 1 warring our little 10k or less noob accounts.... at least bring back the best idea since then.
    Chaos ... in not knowing what's getting counted for or against you (before u opt in or even before the war starts), will at least rule out bots and programs that analyze how to win the war before it even starts.
  18. I miss when some of the biggest people had 3 mill attack lol
  19. This is great idea
  20. Classic Wars / Rancor Wars With Advantage KO cmon devs we need to War!!!