EE War 2018 Update Request

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  1. Disagree if you had 10 straight losses (10xtal) for nothing you would quit warring.

    But I would like to see the FFA Lowland EE clans that just scout 'exploit' stopped its a joke!! It's an agreed fix before the war starts. LL wars are exploited period so stop them completely.

    Also to stop the tiny alts exploit perhaps set a minimum land/stats achievement to "Qualify" to participate. Gives incentive to grow too.

    And of course address the charms 'BFC' (Bonus from Charms) issue in the matching of indi wars to avoid imbalance. A heavily charmed small/mid acc that hits like a LB acc but won't plunder the same should be accounted for on some +% basis in the matching, otherwise Indi is alive and kicking!!

    I would remind you all that the other indi EE war types all fell by the wayside over time popularity of the classic 15 man 10 min KO won out it was natural selection.

    Yes bring back the GREEN KO! it's all red news in CC (on idevice) is people's complaint it's not as easy to follow as it once was.

    One final thing the 'clan pages' are regularly used for inappropriate content. I would like them locked and as all clans are regularly recycled, I would like an ATA designed clan page for all the different clans be creative... kaw creative!!!!
  2. I would like more of an even ground in wars. As in skill being the biggest factor. I’ve read that charms play a big influence and make the ground uneven. This way, beginners like me who have a passion for war will have a chance and will want to dedicate to it.
  3. Nerf charms all together to a max % bonus to your overall build capped at 25 B for every stat for a 15% dynamic bonus to your stats similar to how abyssal blade works, or make them completely dynamic to where if you are 100% you get 100% of the stats it gives and if you are 50% 50% of the effect etc etc. Charms as they are, are way too over centralizing in the game. Making charms count towards CR position/matchup will make 500 Mcs tank accounts show up in t1 as they have ~100-250B in charms which puts them in the top 50 to even top 20 alb with their static which is stupid. Still don't realize why devs haven't nerfed them yet as it is literally taking money from their pockets as people don't bother spending on xtals or nobs when you can buy charms off the black market 
  4. You’re a big boy titan....yes you are. What is the time line since you are in the know? Also if it doesn’t happen then you would be posting false information.....which you kinda are since you don’t have a timeline. Sooo don’t post unless you know the actual facts. “ waiting for a few things” isn’t an answer.
  5. Very interesting points of views, Thx

    On a note story

    Back at the end of 2013, when wars where 12 vs 12, my EE War clan The Forsaken Fortress , a young Build called LauraLyons appered she was a very Good admin, Friend And EE Warrior, then she grew , Love To EE War And move on To other clans, it was funny how many guys used To come in To the clan Just To chat with her... Also weeks later Snowwolfie show up she used To make havoc And fough over the HTE items, she was the opposite To Laura.. many friends spend their days at FSF.. But We had the best Time hitting TVP 24x7 And never back Down of a Fight.. No deals ever! We gave any Build the opportunity To War And learn.
  6. Not sure if it’s been mentioned, but a war chest might be helpful.
    It could activate when match ups occur the same way other things like ally hiring and changing build do.
    Gold could be taken out at anytime, but only if in a matched clan can you deposit all gold
  7. It's been over a month and it seems not many people want to share their EE war stories or give a idea on how we can fix this type of War system, I keep hope this game is here to last for another 7/8 years, I'll share my point of view when someone ask me if I sell my Major circle, are u willing to give me anything I ask? I sheed blood and hard hours to get that crown, trust me I see players putting 24x7 to stay top LB on the war events, are they human , yes! So please don't ask me for a piece of equipment I won with something money can't buy..

    Ps: keep the hope , AsW 2018. Is upon us!!
  8. I don’t speak of things that I discuss with the ata team. As a mod I don’t need to give a timeline, you got me confused with the developers when they mentioned timelines before. The war system is going to be fixed as for your timeline you want I can’t give that, as I would myself like to know it indeed. Maybe one day you’ll see what I mean as I’m doing everything in my power to help get the war system fixed in every aspect.

    I won’t go into details but I given the ata team approx. 30 pages on the war system, and every page is something new to change it from types, to rewards, to mechs and including the match making system. I’m even going over a new system clan war system.

    Although I’m not done yet I still have approx 20-25 more pages to submit. And this isn’t all just my thinking but everyone who has mentioned fixes, additions and wants have been put into what I have given so far and still having to give them.

    Hopefully some of what I have given will be looked at for implementing, all I know is the war system has been stale for years leaving players whom once warred to become ghosts of what was a once thriving aspect of the game.
  9. Thank you Titan_God

    I would like to see EE wars back to their different types again and off course clan wars of 12 vs 12...
  10. This Is Just great To the Devs :

    I spent 3 xtals, time And effort and not even War tokens Or EB items on TVP... It Is not fair trying To Support EE War system And this does not Reward for the effort cmon - Is it not oir fault We Get a no match...

    Just loser the clan req from 15 to 10
  11. My ticket has been ignore for more than 48hrs 
  12. This was their reply from Support

    "Thanks for your input, Majin!"

    So this was Just a waste of time and mind...

    I will continúe to my best in supporting EE wars, if Any One wants To do a regular clan vs Clan War Pm me... There Is no rewards, but To do Is part of this Game And depends what are you Looking for has your escape from Real Life... We All come back To RL And Check KAw, FaceBook, Line, But we always como back ti this Game because we need to. Keeping positive, oh And i miss this weekend plunder event , Rip , yeah right
  13. Bump bump bump oh hi there
    Still doing EE wars well that's good
  14. How to war
  15. Easy for Individual War Cast Spell Wave of Conlfict And Get out of clan... The match last 1 Hr, there Is a Mix between Individual Wars And Low Land Wars, Just need To Check War time schedule
  16. Bump Just To keep safe
  17. I agree with one thing, ll wars were awesome when only builds counted. It brought a sense of eveness, only skill prevailed. Money was not what won the war!!! Bring back build only ll wars (just an added point, current ll war participation 30........sounds like revamping is needed to me)
  18. Uhmmm

    Advantage War And Random Types...

    You brought some memories To this War Build
  19. Forums are dead has the War Comunity