EE War 2018 Update Request

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by Majin_Venom, May 6, 2018.

  1. You Just made me remenber when Wars where fun... You Could do Wave Sko or Turtle .... Dang i missed by old Forsaken Fortress Friends
  2. Keeping the War Hope Alive
  3. Please Devs Make LLW 12 Vs 12 or 10 vs 10 again, want To make some Wars This coming Month
  4. No rewards for losing!! This allows people to exploit the game. We all get frustrated with action heroes.
  5. Full support.
  6. I agree 100% and have requested this also myself with all I submitted so far. Isn’t the point of losing to gain nothing?
  7. I do somewhat agree but in the end getting nothing at all for losing will just further decrease participation.
  8. I also support this 100% my only problem with it is if no ffa clans cast then some war timeslots will be dead, there's still not enough incentive to bring back the old good warriors to war :(
  9. It would be simple to start the season with just the stats from your build, no charms or equipment and a cap on allies. Have people get war only equipment so people who win are rewarded. Victory tokens can be used to upgrade during the season

    At the end of every season the war becomes generally usable equipment with excellent stats.
    Do it again next season
  10. Would Be Nice to Just have a War Season with just your builds, maybe Equip bonus, cap on allies and let the charms, Furniture, rewards out.. A classic Season where any war build needs to make the best of their Mechs
  11. This request have no profit for ATA. War costing more to ATA to run due to cheaters in the game. All wars should be stop. #endallwars
  12. That totally works
  13. War War War....

    Waiting for ALl Star Wars 2018

    There should be a Rebelión Star Wars
    Where any Build , no charms off course can participate, similar To ASW...
  14. Some earlier posts about seeing green when enemy goes down. I think you still are green and red on PCs.
  15. Devs need to balance Those charms for EE wars... Is not fair that builds are useless when it comes to charms, in the Past Armor Is acepted, BFA has To be build, but these charms are Just too much for these wars.. Is not the players fault, but We need a more fair War system..

  16. Count charms in overall matchmaking.

    enuf said.
  17. It’s all red for me
  18. Wow, attention grab.
  19. Like old Perv Stan would say..

    "Enought said " Past the oreos