EE War 2018 Update Request

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  1. Thank your for posting your ideas,
    Seems karma still sees green in War , i have a IPhone And i see red colors on any Sko, Ko actions from Either Team,

    Thank you Titan God for keeping the hope of a War fix One day, lets try To be positive And Pls post your first EE War or any experience in this Amazing EE system...

    And no dont talk about Autoclickers, they don't exist, never will and I didn't even mention them, Raising Hawks where a Robot Team lol, that cross my mind so many wins, until I met some of their warriors, I must of hosted more than 100 matches during S3 and Chaos Wars. Between No Matches, so yes I wake up in the middle of the night trying to Finish The Vanishin Paladins Eb, keep up the positive comments please and Smile :p we love the game
  2. First ee War was when the trials started it was fun as I was with Monster Garage at the time. We did good, so good In fact every match was against Zaft and after winning all it lead to osw cause they said we were taking their crown.

    Was fun back in the days, it’s still fun now but so much needs to be replaced and fixed now a days.
  3. Bring back war equips :p why only in ebs? Thats for Lb’s and big stats only.. how bout those small people like me..
  4. Sounds Good Titan, i cant imagine Those days, must of been Magical, i got so much in to EE Wars back in 2013 that i played 24/7 , l actually made 2 alts back then To admin my EE War clan , there was a lot of participation i Hosted over 100 TVP,s in a month, We even Did 3 Tvp in a Row with 22 people 
  5. Equal? Vastly superior
  6. How about a little variety. One weekend a month have old school clan wars, 15v15. Three wars a day, random, classic and advantage. Regular or primal, either would be ok. Matchups would be terrible, but there terrible now anyway...
  7. Lord if you see the latest Indi Wars, the rosters don't event reach the 15 vs 15... Sad but True, they need to make clan wars 12 vs 12 or Less, that way more clans would need to war, remember that many folks complain and then we got those horrible 20 vs 20, that many folks where having issues filling, then it went to 15 vs 15, but is tough , specially if you wanna do fun wars, where u don't exploit SH, PS1 or HyB rosters , it's fun when we had a mix of build vs another mix, makes it more challenging
  8. Give it a break dude when has the last time devs added something meaningful to this game? Kaw isn’t even top 100 it’s that bad, no advertisements and barely any new players.
  9. Let me tell you a small story about how I got to this game, my story might be similar, but I guess we are all in need of something before we found ourselves tapping a game 2,4,8, 24 Hrs a Day 7 days a Week... I did not come because of Ads, or ITunes Store, a personal friend of mine ask me to download the App, not only me but 3 people 5 years ago, let's see from 3 ppl that join one evening I am the only one here.. So don't expect the devs to bring people in to the Game, this game is more community base than we will ever now, we are real persons behind every Tap we can make.. I lost my brother 3 months before I even came to this game, I didn't do wars still 5 months later, the rest is History, I had made friends, beating up EB for Long Hours with people from all over the world, what more can I ask for.. Keep the faith and invite your friends over... Cheers. Of and if you Kawing don't hit your own team mates lol or disband a clan you can't get the clan name back lol
  10. Bachkeda...

    Give it a break? Then don’t come to me with problems or concerns or things you want to see in game ok? Your lethargic posts do no positive anyway.

    Just cause things haven’t happened... does not mean they won’t happen. Since you’re so uppity about their top 100 or advertising why don’t you try to do something to help with those on your own, or you one them all talk no action types of people spilling your voice in public places but never trying to do anything over the issue you’re ranting over?

    Since you don’t know me which is by far cool with me, which is most likely the best for you and I, I do more to try to bring change and fixes to this game than actually spend the time tapping on it. My clan and war clan can tell you that for sure.

    I find it more rewarding than rewards for tapping away on events doing what I do to try to help bring change and fixes not just for players but for the games bottom line in certain aspects of it. Whether they are seen as possible solutions to the games future or thrown to the waste side because they don’t align with the game whether coding or time or any other reasons at the end of the day at least I can say I tried and feel good about that.
  11. EE war update War 3 lowland has officially ended winners are no_exceptions everybody else won't cast! No_exceptions now stacked up 457,525,463,5255 no matches due to other clans not casting.
  12. Titan God I owe u a beer sir! 

    But In simple words, let's have fun and just invite anyone u can to this crazy KAw World
  13. Wow still 31 post so much for our EE war Community  RIP
  14. Im telling you.. EE needs variety. Bring back round, primal, 100v100.. etc. The reason for removing them was inability to make fair matches; but there are no fair matches anymore. At least bring back the variety, plus it doesnt require new coding... We know there arent resources for that.
  15. True Savan very true...

    I've been suggesting ;

    1- 12 vs 12 clan rosters again
    2- A Mix of Low Kand Indi Match that will reduce the build staking and everyone can war
    3- Weekend 50 vs 50 ( Charm/Ally CAP) Equip is Fair to be included

    4- bring Back a TVP with good drops and Gold to choose if loosing or no Match
    5 - Give importance to Mith Again
    6- make Aqua and Inferno Affordable

  16. Count charms in ee matchup and no more trading after matched
  17. What happen to the seasonal war ?
  18. I just want advantage or random back. Its a better format because of my latency