EE tracking old school

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  1. and, you can do it in your head too
  2. @Res, yeah man we had some good times :D we got lucky to be at MG :mrgreen:
  3. I remember when I tracked like this. That was in the first week of ee release. Now it's a computer and a spreadsheet. Get with the times, Val! 
  4. Finally someone who does it like me thought I was the only one
  5. I write names and cr# on one piece of paper, then another piece of paper I write in order of Ko the cr#s makes it easiest on set Ko as you can call em in order to be sat on.

    Random and advantage I just use the 1st sheet, and write Ko times by their name as they usually don't come out in order.
  6. Finally someone who does it the right way instead of some stupid excel spreadsheet or something!!!
  7. Bump for idiots in my clan
  8. I actually came from a huge EB family that is now whooping ass in OSW's. I warred EE wars a lot while I was a member there. The best part is that clan taught me nothing about EE wars. I stayed loyal to the clan for a long time while gaining knowledge from outside clans. Then I was picked to actually start my own EE clan in their family's name because I was the most knowledgable and experienced. The idea fell through because I certainly do not have the time to run a war clan. The point I am trying to prove though is that I stayed loyal to my clan while getting outside help for learning EE stuff. My home clan literally taught me NOTHING about EE wars. I still loved them they just were not too interested in that aspect of KaW. I separated from that clan as I got more involved with others, but not everyone has to be like that. I warred a lot while always returning to my home clan. I know a lot of Zaft warriors merc and always return home and stay loyal. As high and mighty Zaft is I doubt all the big leaders know as much about EE warring than some of their nobody members. EE is a choice, but you don't have to choose to leave your home clan because your leaders are not knowledgable with EE. Clans have different focuses and you can be a member of multiple different clans if you can manage keeping up with them all.

    All in all this is a great thread! I actually first started learning how to track with this guide. I used it maybe once or twice then actually made my own excel spreadsheet which I barely use anymore. It is very good and very useful, but it is much easier to use Harrian's program so I just prefer using his. No matter how much I develop my spreadsheet it is tough to compete with the few options Harrian's tracker gives being compacted into a program.
  9. ^^^ Too long. Didn't read.
  10. Its Tl;Dr Billy.
  11. Thanks slim, but I wanted to write it out.
  12. The nerve. I'd never talk to my own-
    nevermind dude. I tell my owners to drop me or get hit until the cows come home.

    Back on topic, CF granted Billy. Enjoy your T-1 KaW. :(