EE Chronicles #1: Frog's 2015 ASW WC Strategy

Discussion in 'Wars' started by O_o_____Frog____o_0, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. Hmm nice frog!
  2. Didn't see my name there. Whatchoo playing at Kermit?
  3. Not nearly as long as you been pleasing larry look you even took his name now does that mean everything is official? I mean it's legal :lol: how cute.

    Anyways, congrats frog on yet another win. And thanks for posting your strategy made for an interesting read.
  4. I have to agree with you frog lol. That is how you win 6 hour war. Cgratz to you and team.
  5. Great Read Frog.
    Great strategy. It's a good Hour war strat too with tweaking
    Idk why my clan didn't make it
    We had top 20 cr members ko'ing Inactive mids with 40-20 minutes left
    Tbh. It was hilarious to see :
    Your ally 'So-and-So' knocked out 'Some_Inactive_Player' for 0
    every five-10 minutes.
    Our WL tried to focus them but I guess the lure of easy plunder won out.

    So congrats Frog on leading a team of individuals to act as one.
  6. Well, if they made sure it was an attack ko, then they would at least get a bil for the ko, but bigger lb builds should set their sites higher.
  7. The CS difference were negligible. We actually had worse Atk power stats in our final. Basically it was the difference of less than one mid build. The devs did a good job of balancing clans.
  8. All i can say is frog your favorite post in cc was tank and if your r plyndering under 80 % u r ddoing it wrong he even said this when we were down by 200 plus bil
  9. Yeah, it confused people especially in the first war, but I was one of the few ppl who had experienced coming back from 200B+ before. Trust the Frog. I was in this to win.
  10. Both are good war commanders in different ways, but frog have never wc'ed better as I do to lose deez nutz! Haha.
  11. Syl goes god mode in 1 hour wars, frog is unbeatable in asw, thought you tanked from, no way could you not have, in 1 hour wars it dont work as well though
  12. A few months ago I made a thread detailing a close 1hour indie war. This threads strategy applies only to a 6 hour random ko war.
  13. if they change it though... haha, GJ on 3 straight 
  14. Nice job on the win!
  15. Random wars r the most intense n require tight teamwork.
    Repins r more of a challenge.
    Where as Classic n Advantage r more straightforward generally IMO.

    ASW does afford more opportunities for repins due to large rosters.
  16. I think random has become most peopls favorite type of war over advantage and classic.
  17. There r many very good WC's.
    Rosters n teamwork r the basis of all successful war clan efforts.
    WC's n Trackers afford clans a potential victory n us minions execute their orders n targets.
    Basics really.
  18. Random wars require more attention n focus IMO.

    Hunting good plunder opportunities whether its late in war or repins is a big key.Fatter they r generally the better the payout.

    Eg in the loss to Frog i was SB KOed late n payed out 2b due to large plunder total.
  19. Agreed!