EBs dropping most wisps

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  1. Hello KaWers, I'm making this forum post to help out everyone with which EBs are dropping most wisps, although we know that HTE is dropping the most, do you know any other EB except for HTE that is dropping a lot of wisps? Please let us know.
    HTE obviously drops the most, so far I've seen 58 from HTE.

    TS 5 wisps

    TSG 13 wisps

    SS 1-20 wisps

    Figure of Death no wisps.
  2. You do know that there is already a thread on this, right?
  3. This is most definitely a pay to win event, when I don't drop seals or xtals I get 1-2 wisps when I do i get upto 44 wisps. Just a heads up if u not paying u not playing
  4. There is already a good thread
  5. hey lava

    SS 1-20 drops
  8. :lol: