EBs and EEs during OSW: Regulators vs IG

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  1. When I first made a prediction on the Last Rights/ IG war, I predicted that IG would take it in about 3 months. This is before Wulf and his regulators made an appearance. If you have ever warred with Wulf before, you would know that, not only is he very smart, but is also flexible, willing to do anything it takes to win regardless what the Kaw establishment has to say about it.

    The one particularly controversial decision has been to run and finish EBs and participate in EE wars while on IG and support staff in OSW. Despite of the OSW, they have managed to win their last 5 EEs and haven’t failed a Haunting in at least two weeks.

    At first this seems like blasphemy. Are the Regs nothing but a bunch of EB warriors? If they are going to hit the EB more than either BH or IG, why bother declaring war in the first place? IG of course must be the true warriors. Their CA is full of attack targets, not EB pot stages.

    Hold on a second.

    This OSW/EB/EE technique may have something to it. When Ya_Judgment_Fi was getting pounded by about 5 clans, their first and foremost objective was to finish each Haunting no matter what. Why? Well, part of it is psychological. It must be demoralizing to all the clans not making a dime trying to pin them while they continue to grow and raise strip funds. Second, OSW is all about stripping, and stripping requires gold. No matter what IG, Swabia, or anyone else tells you, you can’t make as much gold hitting the enemy. You can smack a guy all day and he would lose next to nothing, but a successful strip of 1, 2, 10T would give him a good shock into quitting. Third, OSW on itself can be a bit boring, especially when you spend all day watching your LB ranking plummet while pining some spy. Doing EB, EE, to mix it up builds up morale for the whole clan.

    IG approach is so 2010ish. Back then there was only pwar, so hitting during OSW was a more viable option. However with the whole mithril spells and equipment, ignoring EE is like trying to KO Mike Tyson with one arm behind your back. When the Regs do an EE they are basically getting a 6 hour vacation from IG and free mith spells to stage a huge strip right after the EE is over. Any IG are getting bored out of their skulls and getting smaller and smaller, equipment-wise compared to their Osw enemies. In the meantime Regs are laughing with all their Gold Esoteric edges and thick Mithril accounts.

    So why isn’t IG doing EE wars?

    Because they suck at them. IG systems’ EE record is spotty at best. My guess is they got disillusioned with EE and tried to go back to their OSW roots. Problem is that those roots have mutated with time, and they haven’t realized it yet.

    IG’s Response

    So, is it too late for IG? Considering they were stripped 10 T today, it may be so. But here is some free, unsolicited advice anyway.

    1). Join em
    2010 is so over. EE are necessary. You can’t strip mith.

    2) Get WiG and WiT out of the war
    What are they learning in Wit? How to get stripped of Trillions? Leaving out the top 4-5, these builds should be growing so they can become useful, not being front-line meat shields.

    3) Focus on the Enemy
    You are pissed off at LR, so why have you been hitting Alpha for three weeks? Because you smell weakness? Well, all that effort is not preventing Alpha from finishing their EBs at all. If you wanna break LR then you should be stripping them, not #65 in in Alpha or DivineRegiment.

    4)Go for the Big strip
    All this 30B here and 110B there strips just aren’t as cool or effective as one big multi-trillion strip. Time to pool your resources and try to main someone big. Make an impression and show who is boss.

    Well, that’s my amateur advice. In short, it is time for IG to stop living in the past and embrace the new EE/EB/OSW war method.

    P.S. Since this is an opinion, I made a separate thread instead of putting it in the history. Cheers.
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    Any who,

    I believe this is a double edged sword. When regs goes into EE it opens their Allies to higher strips.
  8. If Regs goes to EE that means iG goes after LR. Yet, still it may be a smart decision it can hurt others in the long run.
  9. Good thread... Seems unbiased
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  11. Yeah, but IG hasn't been going after LR much. They have been smacking Alpha around for over a week now. Lord knows why.
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  14. The Devs doin't care for OSW anyway. all they are doing is digging a bigger hole for themselves when they do finish this OSW and try EE again.
  15. Reason?

    Smacking your opponent, when they've most likely banked is completely useless.

    You play dead, or focus on eb for funds. Just when they think your not hitting back, you catch them completely off guard and strip. Trading hits is useless in OSW, it's best to conserve attack, and spy attack pots till when your ACTUALLY taking something.
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