EB Payouts are ridiculous

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  1. I had a lot of fun upgrading my build until I went LCBC on all the lands from Deepmines down. I even spent quite a bit of real money chasing that next upgrade (yes ATA a paying customer right here). The fun came from being able to do an upgrade every week or even every few days. The problem is that all changes with Fates Lands. The payout per eb on Goth and Noth is typically a few trillion gold with a couple crestplates now and then. That would be fine if the plate upgrades weren’t 83 plates or almost 3quadrillion gold. At this point a single upgrade could take a month to do. Even if you do NK and spend a couple hundred bucks youre lucky to do a single upgrade. C’mon ATA you need to look at the payouts and make them fit the cost of the upgrades better here. I’m losing interest (AND NO LONGER SPENDING MONEY) real fast...
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  2. Awe.... first time?

    Growth gets harder over time. It’s like this for literally every other game. Get that grind
  3. Spend more money. It's p2w up here boi
  4. Lol not
    lol no...i was playing this game back when the only lands available were the Lowlands and the Highlands. I just think they need to rebalance the payouts. They aren’t in sync with what it costs for ug on the Fates Lands. Even if you NK and use both crux, a fate spell, a BR and they are doing an unlimited crystal special it’s hard to do a single ug in a weekend. If you just do regular eb’s it takes weeks to save up for a single ug.
  5. Just do some wars. Only fun thing in this game anyways.
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