Eb Option For Eb Warriors

Discussion in 'Wars' started by *Q_Ne (01), Apr 3, 2014.

  1. This is what xtals are for....
  2. Lol, 40 min ago op made a clan called you ask for information and had a "Yafi" banner. Now he's clanless and has a makeshift wdgaf banner? Lol you must be a really loney guy begging for all that attention. Lol

    Bear out.
  3. It's insane how many trolls are active lately! We need a well seasoned troll hunter.
  4. Not to mention the ZAFT Faith thread he was trolling earlier.
  5. Call in for help. Wc has plenty of people that are willing to come in for some quick gold and to help someone out (usually). I don't like this idea. No support.
  6. No support if a clan fails ebs then they are a bad clan or being run bad when they fail members leave and merge into other clans making them stronger the noob clan dies this is good for kaw as there are too many as it is.

    I actually think that if a clan fails say 2/3 ebs they should be put on an auto disband list if they manage to complete eb they stay of they get a third and final fail they disband 
  7. Math is sound, ideas not so much
  8. Statless alt be posting useless stuff, reminds me of... Oh wait,this didn't happen when I started forums.. Hmmmm... Reminds me of, last year actually.

    Well old timers, we better grab our bottles, looks like another year without forums being great again.
  9. Attention seeking noob. People who attention seek in any position are normally trying to hide the fact that they are bad at the thing they 'attention seeking' in. Hmmmm
  10. Sigh..

    As someone said earlier, basically, only the strong should survive.

    What we dont need, is yet another aspect and "challenge" of the game being able to be bought off with money.
  11. @scream, are you mental? A lot of osw clans run fail ebs for Hansel's to pin and incur strip funds. So every osw clan should be disband? You my friend are not worthy of kaw go play pimd.
  12. This is funny. EB "Warriors"
  13. I love how it's in JavaScript 

    (It is JavaScript right :eek: )