Easter Egg Hunt (fun for all ages)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Kasama, Apr 18, 2019.

  1. Apparently the Easter bunny isn't real
  2. That was disappointing 
  3. This was fun for me
  4. Who will be supplying the eggs for the hunt if not the Easter bunny then? #checkmate
  5. The Easter Bunny steals eggs from chickens, their the ones doing the hunting
  6. No more hunt then
  7. Nah man I saw the Easter bunny with my own two eyes. That dude was hoppity hoppin into my room at 3 am was about 2 feet tall and made me piss my self for real. Blame it on the THC or the paint chips I don’t care but I saw that bunny and it wasn’t fake.
  8. no no not the chicken but the turtle
  9. Cant say I expected much. Someone must've forgot to give you your meds today
  10. My Childhood... Destroyed :(
  11. this dude probably thinks the easter bunny is real LOL
  12. my face when the easter bunny isnt real

  13. Gad demmet kasama
  14. Great comeback. and u tried so hard.
  15. Cant really say i expected more from kasama. He is as smart as a dodo after all....
  16. That's not what my free chest daily legend tells me!
  17. my face when im dragon code = :(((