Easier way to find specific eb

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  1. This would be an update to the Clan Events
    Tab we have now.

    Have you ever wanted to search for a clan that’s doing a certain EB?

    Are you behind on gear and want to specifically look for which clan is doing that EB you need?

    I have an idea !

    • They should add “List” or when you click Clan Events it goes to a list that’s way easier than the one we have now..

    In the option:

    Clan > Clan events > Epic Battles > List

    1. Click the EB you need
    2. Shows clans doing EB you chose
  2. So one more click to a list that you scroll up and down to choose an eb ? You have three of that already.

    1) clan page>>epic battles


    2) clan page>>clan events>>epic battles


    3) world chat>>>>pick a friggin ad

    Thank you come again
  3. I’m saying they should add the list of clans doing the epic battle you chose..

    So yes it’s the same concept we have now but a more updated and easier one..

    This new updated one will allow us to find a specific eb easier than seeing the same ones over and over when you scroll through the list..
  4. Support like up in the right hand corner there's one can always add the feature there even (right next to news feed ) would be much easyer than going wtf pulling out you're hair tapping each one and checking times yup I support the idea✔✔✔
  5. SUPPORT !!!
  6. Will only help EB hoppers. Fix clan loyalty first.
  7. I always thought it was a bit odd there was no filter for that feature. I'd support it. I've been curious this whole event how many clans are running diabolical, for instance.
  8. Yes, Really need this!! Have my full support! 
  9. Support!!!
  10. Wow it's almost like I've seen similar idea's proposed by the community before.

    Either way support.
  11. dont bother trying there wa a forum for a single day of 100% building sell value it had almost 10k supporters by end of it devs basicly said screw yall lol and never happened
  12. This dude is just an EB expert, no more, no less
  13. Says
  14. Because full building refunding wouldn't be good for the game. It's not a difficult concept. Also imagine how much good you could make building with tokens and dropping buildings.
  15. Yea Domo what happened to you and YAFI? Now you’re in some noob clan teaching players how to EB because no osw clan wants you.
  16. Wasn’t in yafi. Never been.
  17. You ran to do EBs. You knew how to find specific ones
  18. Agreed, this would make it much easier