"Earn Free Nobility" on Android devices.

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  1. I am not sure about you guys but I have never gotten a single "Earn Free Nobility" option from my android device from Fyber ever since I started playing but on my Iphone and Ipad I get more than I can complete.

    I have msged support but they say it "...doesn't depend on us...".

    I even emailed Fyber with my ID and asked if more offers can be put up for Android devices in my location (South East Asia) with no luck.

    I was not sure where to put his thread but I'd love to receive more nobility offers on my platform and location.

    Let me know if you have same issue on Android devices.

    Peace & Love.
  2. Why would they waste time putting their offer on android, a dying platform when iPhone has much more potential
  3. thanks for your valuable input :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. I have plenty of mediocre offers on droid, but I'm in the States. ATA itself doesn't have control over the fyber system, and won't generally be able to help.
  5. Thanks for letting me know, this was my exact point to Fyber and ATA support when I msged them. South East Asia deserves some love too!
  6. Really? Didn't even know about the fre stuff. I'm on android too.. Eeks!
  7. Fyber determines which players get which offers, and it's usually determined by the device type and location of that player, although I am sure there are more factors.
  8. Android sucks iPhone is better. We have everything. You don’t. You want what we have but you can’t have it.....because you use android. Lmao !!
  9. Yeah iPhone is so great there's an entire post of iPhone users complaining about a recent update that's ruined the UI lmao
  10. I only accept free stuff from ata
  11. What do you have, what android user dont have? Except for that earn-stuff and a closed OS without individuality? Usually android has the good stuff build in their phones like 2 years earlier. Apple just sells the same for a higher price
  12. Ive made a crap ton in free nobility offers. It's not a Droid thing it's a fyber thing. Droid ftw

  13. Sending:


    To SE Asia
  14. Which came first iOS or Android?


    Android sucks so bad it’s buy one get one free

    iPhone has lines waiting days before to buy. Android is at the back of the store.
  15. Not sure maybe a regional thing but alone this year I’ve done 6 earn free nob quests from just dl game apps and playing to a certain level and req got over 700 nobs...one app gave 430 nobs....but last one that work and was worth it was in aug of this yr...only thing I noticed is for first time download of those particular apps only. And I’m IOS it does work just don’t do the one that require Real Money.
  16. First don't translate to best, iPhone is an over expensive paper weight. You pay for that apple logo. Check the statistics, Droid out does iPhone & it's affordable. Oh no I broke my Droid screen!! Oh, wait. It won't cost me my first born child to replace it.

    Ok Kool, apple was first (maybe). Droid did it better. Or is that why the ios update was wildly hated amongst Everyone thus far?
  17. I have plenty of offers on my android, but never receive the nob payouts. No issie on my apple devices however, which is a bummer.
  18. I managed to pull 800 nobs strictly from free offers one night. It's not a iOS or Droid thing. It's a Fyber thing, what device you use has nothing to do with the ad company actually paying out the promised compensation for your efforts or not.
  19. Always get kicks out of experts that compare droid to iphones like its it's own device and model lolol apple has iOS and runs it's own features, TONS of brands run Android OS and they are as diverse as the people who play this game. Only a handful of models compare spec to spec with the iPhone and BOTH have their own merits.

    For those who think either one are crap go back and look at the sales for each and then tell me again what they are doing wrong and why millions of people on either side are idiots:) the money talks!

    I'm on a Samsung phone in the U.S. and have completed literally 1000's in nob offers for a total less than half of the market value price to price.
  20. Yet I have gotten NONE WHATSOEVER....sadly enough.