Earn Free Nobility by Completing Offers

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by [ATA]Grant, Jan 13, 2016.

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  1. The scary thing is, many.
  2. The devs should just give up on this game, since so many people are convinced that they have anyway. Give them the self-fulfilling prophecy they've been dreaming about all these years.

    The KaW community is starting to disgust me with all their complaining.

    They're never satisfied!
  3. But why the heck to encourage it?
  4. More worryingly, the offers that give out the most nobs tend to be for gambling sites. 9 year olds who don't yet understand the value of money being given an offer like that probably isn't a good idea
  5. Support
  6. The only ones that look legit are worth 1-3 nobs.. do i want to spend 8 hours down loading apps and meeting g their requirements to get a few extra nobs? Personally, nah.

    Maybe some it would be. But it's like asking people to stop playing KaW for awhike and to try a new game so you can get something for the game you had to spend less time playing.. I dun git it
  7. This does not trill me at all. While I can't lie that I don't dislike the idea of free nobs there has to be a better way than to just use shotty sweepstake sites that force you to give away your email and address. No support personally
  8. I hate to say it but I agree with lil, how can you allow for 9 year olds to enter contractual obligations with little or no knowledge they are doing so? Half of the sites say and I quote:

    Complete a)_____ complete b)______ complete c)_______ to receive rewards

    And they are actually blank! I had to look the companies up on the better business bureau to find what the obligations were!

    This "lipstick" one in particular was a) enter you into a payment schedule to be billed to the address you conveniently put in the beginning. And if you cancel within 30 days you forfeit everything you gain! So basically it's pay 30$ get a sample and a few nobility and continue to get samples to your door for 30$ a month unless you cancel which you can't do I till after month 1.

    Let us watch videos...
  10. Lol people are shouting like this is the end of the world.

    Quit getting all serious.
  11. It kind of is serious.

    You're introducing a system that rewards people to go buy other products, or reveal information to companies that may not actually reward you for buying them, putting them accessible to 9 year olds, and saying that it's not their fault, it's this third party company that manages it, and to go cry to them when something happens.

    Ata gets paid to throw it's users under the bus and gets to assume no responsibility for doing so.

    Kinda a big deal.
  12. Give us videos lol. A video=a nob.

  13. Half the people on this game probably don't understand their Consumer Rights. So I don't expect them to comprehend the dangers of this either.
  14. Let's just look at the big ticket "free" offer. Mobile expressions.

    You download the app and keep it on your device no less than 30 days. Why? Who knows.

    To sign up you need to give your address, your Postal Code, your household size, how many children you have, and your annual income.

    Excuse me? There's no way in hell anyone looking at that says, "yeah sure, looks legit"

    Now imagine you're 9 years old and can hardly tell your Mom from some random stranger wearing the same outfit.

    Yet coughing up this seemingly unimportant info can net you a week in an hte clan.
  15. Did you just quote yourself? Post farm much? & sauske why don't you ever post on your main anymore?
  16. Videos would've been much easier tbh
  17. ^Yes they would've.
  18. Ugh, do we really have to argue this?

    You aren't buying other products.
    It's basically:
    Lvl.up your castle/stronghold/hq/base to lvl.5,6,10 to get 30-50 nobs

    Input some of your details (phone number/credit card information) to attain nob rewards 90-150 as far as I know

    Install and do quick survey X amount of nobs

    Install and play 1-5 nobs

    Anyone whose played mmorpg like KaW understands these advertisements. Let's be honest, our audience isn't a bunch of 9 year olds anyway.

    KaW is doing no such thing.

    You're basically turning everything in op into an atk :lol:

    Ata is a business, can you really blame them for conforming to the other rpg games out in the app/google play store?
  19. I can't find it. Is it by the troop reload and name change?
  20. Do an update. Gonna be in oracle
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