-dynasty- farmed my clan!

Discussion in 'Wars' started by AZ__ShAkE_MaStUh__TEC, Sep 20, 2014.

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  1. @op I love ebs too! Support! I also recommend getting farmer's insurance! [​IMG]
  2. Table you smartass :lol: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  3. Funny how people call people eb fairies and you see all their equip is from ebs....just sayin
  4. Well the ospvp lot only have 2 options for equip anyway. EBs and EE. And we all know the typical EE builds :lol: They are definitely getting shafted for equip.
  5. I never said I don't support farming I love to farm actually I've been in many osws you don't know me gilly  if u like u can ask all my friends
  6. There are all different ways to play kaw. Ebs is where you grow and get equip from. Im just stating again if your in a war or osw dont back down or play dead. Fight back!
  7. And tables how would I get this insurance I'm very interested 
  8. lmbo tables. That was great
  9. Respect and Support! - chad you sure do talk a lot of **** for asking asking us to quit farming you and your clan, I suggest you don't speak to -Dynasty- members or make any contact with them if you have nothing good to say other wise you need own up to your experience you so called have and hit back on me, because all I see you doing is moving your little fingers typing ****.
  10. Am I not allowed to state my own opinions now? Come on lol
  11. No you went further than opinion and I suggest you stop while your at it and Gilly will as well.
  12. I say what I wanna say if I wanna say **** I will if ur gonna have an osw have it with a clan that will actually fight
  13. How can you go further than opinion that makes no sense lol
  14. They sound like any other OSW clan lol
  15. Actually OSW is not over for -Dynasty- little do you know so I suggest you quit making assumptions as well. You are not the clan to know jack squat.
  16. I'm just gonna stop talking to you mostly because I don't understand what you just said are you well educated?
  17. Lol really? Have fun and just fight a good fight
  18. Whoa Shakes, while you Guys where being farmed I was doing HTE, aw ****, now I feel guilty of not helping my clan mates...
  19. Next time fight a clan who r not "green" in osw now that will be more of a fight
  20. Dynasty is badass. They made smaller people cf. How kool.
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