Dwarven Chests + Osmon Rai Crestplates!

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  1. 10 nobs for 1 health crystal? You must be kidding. Better off I spent it at Oracle for one full regen instead of having to go through so much of troubles.
  2. Don't have a problem with kaw and thier prices on things, especially when there are games out there that allow you to spent $200 instantly. Most of the times these games aren't even rewarding. The problem with kaw is that they created this whole pay-to-play problem. The entire kaw economy is soo lopsided they have no choice but to charge real money since kaw's in-game currency system is broken. You literally have guys with 1000T out and guys with only 100B in allies, guys with 10000 aqua and inferno and guys with only 100 aqua and inferno. I say all this to say the Kaw really needs a new numbers guy to help resolve all this inflation so that the guys that play free can participate in the new stuff going on and you can keep the paying players happy by of course giving them the nice big advantage and edge over everyone.

    Im not good with numbers so don't ask me how to fix this. I don't know maybe we need a new stimulus package designed to even this all out. Or put a capping system of some sort in place because as of right now kaw's new player turnover is looking like its about 100% I've not seen a actual new kaw player myself. Maybe you guys can tell me if you've seen some new kaw players who actually grow past 1mcs.
  3. I've only met 1 new player in the last cpl months, they hit 4-5m cs then quit lol. I haven't visited any clans requiring more than 30M cs lately either so they should be more abundant at my level of play.
  4. So, spent 10 nobs on a chest & get hoarfrost crest plates.....something I can't use at all! At least make abyssal the lowest ones on pay for items.
  5. The big problem I see is drop is rare for O. R. so chances are I would be wasting $ for lands that are already complete.
  6. Like 5 out of 9 of the 10 nob boxes dropped 1-2 xtals for me another dropped Abyss plates. I stopped opening them
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    This event is exactly what pay events should be, completely ignorable. That said, three pay events in a row is a really bad sign.
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    I wouldn't mind trying my luck with the nob boxes. I wouldn't mind spending time to complete one of the free nobility offers, it's unfortunate that a good amount of these offers don't process in some way.

    Spending money to buy nobs is another option, however with the current state of this game the ATA employees don't give me a reason to shell out cash.
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    1 xtal as a reward for opening a chest with 10 nobs is a non reward. Direct pay to buy xtals or using your offers are a better bargain than your special event reward which is none.
  11. Did i miss something, dont 1 nob regen cost 10, and xtal regen cost 1, given that info id say 1xtal= 10 nob, yes getting 1 xtal for 10 nob isnt the best, but its still a reward, u dont lose nobs getting xtals, u just get forced to use them for regen insted of other stuff
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    So wrong an event only the paying plays can enter greedy devs kills the game slowly sucking the life out of it 
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  15. Go to show, this being the 1100th post.. Devs don't listen to the majority of players, that don't pay to play... It's obvious, they only listen to those paying them thousands... Really disappointed. I've been in this game a long time on multiple accounts. Actually thinking it's time to quit possibly, because it's obvious there's no change in sight.. Just $ signs to devs.. Sad, really sad.. 
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    Not a bit...
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    This. Is. Amazing.
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    The new and small people like me need more things like this to catch up on LB and get 10k.
  19. We really dont need to be reminded of this worthless "event" every time we log in. That description window is annoying. Even every other log in would be 110% better...
  20. Wat a boring event ..