Dwarven Chests + Osmon Rai Crestplates!

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  1. Does devs feel this game will dead soon so they are doing non-stop b2b pay2win events ?
  2. Parsfan you're 1) a goddamn idiot and 2) not 30, no way.

    If that many people spend on kaw, then how am I ranked 1700 with f2p? Face it, devs are pleasing the spending minority of a dying community that wasn't big to begin with.

    +the fact you're bragging and insulting others over money related topics is so damn pathetic lmao.

    And you're "30". Righttttt big dog, rightttt
  3. hanya satu kata "BANGKE"
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    The game has been "dying" and "will be dead soon" for like 2 years lol. Chill out. This game still has a couple years left. Easy.
  5. Honestly think they still trying to get over redstar quitting.
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    I will most likely participate in the p2p event, but it's not going to speed up how quickly I use seals or circles, I can actually see the devs loosing money in the long term from how much they are flooding the market.

    And why not keep the f2p players happy by chucking a gold chest out there with 1/10-1/20 the reward.

    There shouldn't be that much fuss, battle is only allowed for players within the same stat range, all it does is mean stats are slightly slower growing for for people who don't open chests. It's just a small growth boost for those who want to pay for it while we all break from events
  8. Please, don't summon her...
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    You guys are engaging in a discussion that is fruitless.

    Back on topic you know what would have been nice for five days? No event.
  10. I agree LMBAO.

    Please devs after this event run something to clear all unused & expired items out of my inventory. Ty
  11. seems legit lol i wonder why he left...
  12. 100% support .it's becoming ridiculous beyond belief at this point. Are they this desperate that they Jack prices to an absolutely extreme?? Why not just shut down it's dying more n more everyday!! Ironic some of u play ur other pos game more then Kaw and that unfortunately speaks volumes about u.None of which is good!
  13. Did it take one empowering token to upgrade the equipment, cus I only received 7 of it instead of 8.
  14. Sigh.....another money event....non spenders like me gets left on d rails....smh
  15. Welcome to KAW mate
  16. I don't get why people are so angry, it's not like this is a new thing that happens. Should be used to it by now :lol:
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    Opened golden gullen chest, got 3 SOD.
    3 SOD regular price 177 nobs. Chest price 30 nobs.
    I'm more than happy with saving 147 nobs 
  18. Not exactly fair for anyone who cant afford to spend real money on game or is that just me
  19. Thanks for taking the time to write to me.....it's always great to meet the fans and to answer you your ranked 1700 with f2p because u have 400k+ battle wins and only a 3 year badge (and I've to believe u don't buy xtals) which mean u unload at least 11 times everyday for the last 3 years.....I can see why your angry.....clearly u don't have a job to buy these mega expensive boxes lol.......you guys cracking me up....u say these boxes are expensive yet they are only a couple of nobs more expensive than a zta but they are guaranteed to pay out big profits based on your purchase.........devs just offered us better than half price seals and nobs.....maybe we can have a collection for all u moaners n try get u guys a few seals .....I'll phone bob geldoff and see if he can get the guys from band aid back together for a charity concert for yous.
    I bet when TLC released no scrubs you guys just hid in your mum's basements for a few months lol
  20. I think this is the most accurate reason for this event lol