Dwarven Chests + Osmon Rai Crestplates!

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  1. From May 20-May 25th the dwarves are celebrating the launch of their Osmon Rai Crestplates by adding rare chests as EB rewards + marketplace items!

    And ZTA will be staying available for the entire duration!

    Osmon Rai Crestplates!

    The dwarven leaders are now willing to trade and accept Osmon Rai Crestplates in exchange for their labour to improve buildings on the Osmon Rai Lands!

    To celebrate this, the dwarves of the lands have gotten together to create temporary chests that have a chance of dropping from all Epic Battles.

    New Temporary Chests!

    5 Temporary Chests have been added!

    3 Drop as rewards from Epic Battles:
    Gullend Chest
    Annym Chest
    Bar Dazzaruk Chest

    1 as a purchase from the marketplace:
    Golden Gullend Chest

    1 as a rare reward from the Gullend Chest:
    Dwarven Lucky Chest - which contains 15-150% plunder spells that last 2 hours!

    Here's the details on each chest:

    Gullend Chest

    A rare drop from all EBs (with a greater chance from HTE, ROTWB, ZTA).

    Open a Gullend Chest for 10 nobility by purchasing a Gullend Key from the marketplace. You can open as many chests as you want!

    Containing as a rare drop Osmon Rai Crestplates! But guaranteed to contain a premium item, Dwarven Lucky Chest, or Crestplate of great value!

    A breakdown of drops is displayed in this image.

    Instead of directly getting plunder spells though, the dwarves were clever and placed chests inside chests!

    Dwarven Lucky Chest

    Contained as a reward inside Gullend Chests, Dwarven Lucky Chests are free to open by purchasing a Dwarven Lucky Key from the marketplace!

    The chest contain 2 hour duration plunder spells! With equal chance to gain a 15%, 20%, 50%, 75%, or 150% temporary plunder spell!

    ******NOTE: But, you may only have 1 active at a time. So each time you open a Dwarven Lucky Chest, it will replace (or update if it is the same % spell) your plunder spell you have running at that moment.*******

    Golden Gullend Chest

    Open a Golden Gullend Chest for 30 nobility by purchasing the Golden Gullend Chest from the marketplace. You may only open 1 chest per day!

    Contents of the chest include:

    • 5-15 Health Crystals
      50-350 Aevum Circle Pieces
      135-380 Abyssal Crestplates
      115-285 Osmon Rai Crestplates

    Rare Chest Drops

    Also as very rare drops from Epic Battles, Annym Chest and Bar Dazzaruk Chest!

    Annym Chest contains 5-10 Seals of the Damned

    which can be opened by purchasing the Annym Key for 115 Nobility.

    while the Bar Dazzaruk Chest Contains 400-1000 Aevum Circle Pieces!

    which can be opened by purchasing the Annym Key for 125 Nobility.

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  4. Lmao. Completely P2W, good thing I got some nobs.
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  6. Lol so it all costs money? Haha

  7. It's only pay2win if you care about growth ;)
  8. So its a pay to play event exclusively then?
  9. Can we get new lands then.... osman rai building tokens are worthless to those who are bc...
  10. Noob devs. Smd
  11. Hola so much cash in dev pocket keep
    improving and impressed by beyond imagination keep it up dev
  12. Looks great but need new lands...
  13. It is a gr8 model, if u have the cash for nobs lol. gr8
  14. Wait how do we convert the tokens?
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    im not paying anything. gonna go inactive for two weeks. bye
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  17. Or…the devs could shove those keys somewhere other than down our throats. (-,-)