duplicating Furnishings and pets

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  1. So tones of people here on kaw cheated and duplicated there pets. I think to make it fair for everyone. Who spent tons of money to open these chests that drop nothing. Devs should just max all furnishings levels. That will negate the cheaters free pets. Even though they have patch the glitch the damage is done
  2. Better to just disable the account of the people who took advantage of the glitch, and remove or strip the levels of any furnishings that came from trading with players who abused the glitch.
  3. No support please delete this post is giving a breaking game solution
  4. Only trying to address an issue here, and a way to maybe fix it.
  5. You're not serious
  6. M8. You're months late to this.
    Clonning went on for 6+ months and was widely abused, how do you think ppl manged to get L10 maxed sets? The cloners used to sell them super cheap. Or peeps cloned them.
    It's been 2-3 months+ since it was fixed. It first surfaced in December 2017.

    Nothing done now would have any effect as a fix. Even back then, a fix would not done anything because the charm - furniture economy was ruined. You had players with 1000s of pets and other furniture.
    Most of them liquidated to charms now.

    Only when I finally made a thread about it with an alt, did ATA fix it the next day, but it was abused for 6 months ish. At the start, very few knew about it, towards the end everyone and their friends knew how to clone.

    It's too late to do anything about it. The damage was done months ago and even at the time of my thread, ATA didn't do anything, they just fixed the glitch, but the hundreds of players that used the exploit got away with it. Then again... That's just the usual ATA incompetence.

    The last few months have been the turtle build charm factories glitch, you saw how long it took ATA to patch that up.
  7. :lol:

    Support on the devs giving us all level 10.

    Serous note, no one has cloned anything in some time. That includes their pets.
  8. Uh huh, so whats new. Kaw players are very creative, innovative and ata's free platform to commercialise your own biz for for free : 10/10.
    Now lets get serious and start to clone crypto currencies...
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