Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Nate, Nov 18, 2018.

  1. Hi guys it’s me Nate I’m super drunk so I just wanted to say hi to everyone

    I haven’t played much lately and I’m sorry but I’ll try and play more and talk more in forums it sucks because I have to be more cartel about playing because of work and stuff like that

    But I’m her rn if you want to talk I’m be on a lot soon okay bye guys ily I missed playing kaw yes indeed like the song by lil baby and drake
  2. Update: still very drunk but I have no loved poisoning so I’m all good guys
  3. Update 2: still not sober but I find someone to drive me home so I’ll be safe you all
  4. Hey guys I’m back in all good doing alright my buddy want to take my phone but I said not today sir so here we are
  5. Alright so guys I threw up but it’s okay I’m going to sleep now night all
  6. 
  7. Haha sounds like iGod who would always show up in worldchat on a friday night/ weekends drunk and entertain everybody and give us all laughs.:) Bring back Nate's forum quizzes.
  8. Are u still drunk?
  9. Update: super hungover and my head feels like I slammed it into a brick wall running full speed.

    Conclusion: bad idea
  10. Update: still hanging. But loves it 
  11. Well this is very entertaining XD
  12. Nate is the captain
  13. God bless your soul I needed this today 
  14. You the weapon bb
  15. Hola!

    Let’s do a poll.

    Round 2 of drinks tonight or do homework.

    Go vote. Do your civil duty.
  16. I really can’t see any reason why you couldn’t do both Nate.
  17. Emeth is that you???
  18. Bacon & eggs + Bloody Mary + Cold Seltzer water (don't mix with Mary)

    Always works for me. :D