Drinking and when to stop

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  1. What you drink mr. judgmental everclear good enough for you?
  2. I always say when things become blurry I shall stop... But when I say that to myself.. . I'm a dam liar! It doesn't happen!! Lol
  3. When I was younger I drank til passed out. Now drink 2 beers and I'm drunk and need no more. Easy on the wallet and the body
  4. Stay away from FB that's for sure.
  5. Stop when the girl you didnt think was to good looking first semester is on you, and you have no issues with it :lol:
  6. High standards are a curse. Good thing alcohol is an equal opportunist when it comes to the ladies. Alcohol isnt superficial.
  7. When you make forums about drinking
  8. Whenever someone has to point out the shot glass you are using is a double shot and not a single shot 
  9. Herradura, the three Bs (Blaintans Bookers Bakers), Laguvulin, Blue Coat...
  10. I can feel my cheeks go numb and that means I'm a couple drinks from the point of no return
  11. When I'm out of money or out of booze.
  12. I do this without alcohol
  13. When I have to swerve from the other side of the road.

    I need a #GoogleSelfdrivingcar
  15. Same but it's my lips. And then if I chug after that I'm blacked out.
  16. You guys sound like a bunch of quitters..
  17. I like your attitude prime
  18. best of :lol:
  19. I don't drink I prefer some good ol edibles...and you don't have to stop with weed ;)
  20. When you wake up next to the chick your best friend has been trying to hook up with for over a year.

    Sorry bro. :oops: