Dragon's Domain - Clan Recruitment Thread

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  1. Dragon's Domain

    Introduction and Background

    Dragon's Domain, a clan founded on loyalty, friendship and honesty.

    Many of our members were knights of the lair, but were led into multiple battles against a dragon as red as the blood that poured down her victims. As each battle ended in failure the once loyal knights grew weary of their king's inadequate leadership and sought refuge elsewhere. The dragon took pity on these knights who fought bravely and offered them sanctuary in her domain


    OWNER - Feisty, fiery and friendly is the best way to describe Red. Red will always be there if you ever need a hand with anything. Leads from the front like all great leaders and will listen to everyone's opinion.


    CO-OWNER - Loyal, dependant and trustworthy. Kate will always be there if you need some help. Kate will always help her friends with anything. If she doesn't know the answers she will endeavour to find out.

    Looking for members 20m CS and above to increase our clan strength
    AUS/EURO accounts needed

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  2. Couls stop kissing up to Red Dragon. As far as your enemy goes. He should be called King Nothing.
  3. Read below or above you choose
  4. Support !!!!

    I think that's what forum people say.

    But really this clan is awesome great home for any KAW players! We would love to have you
  5. Oh I like this. 
  6. Easily pleased
  7. Doing b2b event rotation now
  8. That last picture looks like the dinosaur from the latest transformers.

    Not a dragon. You lied to me.
  9. Shhhhh Monster. I'm a robot in disguise. They still think I'm a dragon
  10. So you like dragons huh? 
  11. COULSON is an imposter! Anyway, join our clan. We are humans, not dragons. (Dragons before 8am and coffee)

  13. event Rotation On now!
  14. Couls always judging leadership while only playing the back up roll, riding the coattails of someone else :)
  15. Welcome to forums King.

    Ask Red if i've ever 'judged' her leadership.
    This back up 'roll' you talk of, is it tasty? That is, unless you mean role
    Do the world a favour and stay retired, and please leave the thread as you arent on topic.
  16. Beat the post event blues. Pop on over
  17. I really like this clan thread. It started out well with nice colors and a good theme. Though, it does feel like it should be a tad bit longer, like its missing something.

    Support either way. Good luck with your clan :)
  18. The Summoner Unlock this Friday. Smoke Signals all week for scroll hunting
    Pop on over.

    We have beer and food
  19. Support from Muttsy