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Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, May 23, 2014.

  1. Would have been an idea to have a tier in between 5k and 1k
  2. Wheres the update?
  3. Devil, they don't do updates on Sunday their time.
  4. Update is tommrow smart one
  5. Update is tommrow smart one
  6. Amazing that, without trying, I'm in the top 5K. That would seem to indicate there's a lot of folks sitting this hunt out.
  7. Tomorrow is spelt with 2 rs smart one.
  8. Tamaruh*

    learn to English mayt
  9. Can we get a update on lb
  10. No wait at least 4 hours to complain
  11. LOL no 9 hours until 4 pm PDT
  12. How many eggs do you think 5k will be at today?
  13. I think the outcome of this hunt would much different if HTE and RotW were not dropping eggs, but since it is a cash cow....once again the gap widens between the have and have nots
  14. Ricardo, if im not mistaken, you got at least 70k feathers which gave you what? Three Seals of the Damned and four Horn of Calydor. You had ample time to find an HTE clan, you HAD your chance.
  15. But yes, I couldn't agree with you more Ricardo, I am using the Seals and Horns that I got from the feather hunt. The advantage is given to those who do usually spend, that, unfortunately is just the way the business world works.