Draft Wars (Idea)

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  1. I'm sure this isn't a completely new idea for wars but I have an idea to make wars more interesting while solving a few problems.

    Draft Wars:

    -brackets are similar to indi wars and allow room for up to 15 players per team

    -all players in the same bracket will be allowed to anonymously vote for two drafters.

    -an auto coin flip will determine who chooses first

    -the drafters will choose until there are ten players left to draft

    -these last ten players will be randomly assigned to one of the teams to reduce chances of players from sending moles to the other side
    -ps will either be banned or hires during war are blocked

    -next each team will vote for their wc and tracker (big issue because of the lack of wc and trackers)

    -wc/tracker roles will earn extra rewards for volunteering
    (More mith/xstal back/more tokens)

    -if one does better than their seeded pick then they earn additional rewards

    -war will go on as a usual indi or LL format


    -benefits wc/tracker
    -players not drafted will need to improve builds
    -making a respectable name/status in ee becomes more important
    -more rewards for better performances
    -ps can't leak if they're miles


    -lacks good income for devs
    (If anyone has an idea for income please let me know)
    -moles still a possibility
    -time and effort to make teams

    There WILL BE flaws in my idea so don't be afraid to point them out and provide constructive criticism.

    Happy Kawing!
  2. Another spacer
  3. I Support this but ata won't listen they left ee to die a long time ago
  4. I love the idea, but, i know its probably hard to implant a voting system in a game. The devs wont do it unless we all agreed to stop ee until they did. It doesn't give them anything so they wont do it. Good idea though, would love to see something as cool as this bring the game back on the map.
  5. The only problem with any and all warring ideas is the fact that everybody's sole objective in war is to exploit the system as much as humanely immaginable. So the devs have to find an idea that's the hardest to exploit, but that's extremely hard.

    That's the biggest reason wars are not as great as they could potentially be.

    I support your idea, but an idea with as much freedom as this is very exploitable.

    If you don't care about the exploits, then full support
  6. all the leaky hansels will be the nerdy kid in gym class not getting picked. i like it. support
  8. Made this idea up a year ago

    If things go well ill try to get it implemented
  9. Oooo.. this is a great idea!!!

    Here's my "All Time" draft.. the players listed are for at their height of their playing days..

    1- Blazey
    2- Belle
    3- Vixy
    4- Paige
    5- Crusty
    6- Toni
    7- Roxey
    8- Liz(Bathory)
    9- Aella
    10- Lady Ash
    11- Sugah
    12- LP21
    13- Wino
    14- Bella
    15- Roni
  10. Major flaw, devs don't care about improving war, it is a zero income earner, the only systems devs care about improving are pay to win, figure out how to make money from war and it will be added to the next update


  11. The fickle flip flopper posts again.
    One thread its drop EE entirely.
    Today its the devs won't listen.
    What is on the menu tomorrow?

    I had a war thread proposing something similar.
    In general war threads don't generate enough interest...sorry.
    IMO the constant events has KaW chasing rewards more than war.
    War has diminished to the point its only in the name of KaW.
    Without any news nor changes for EE from the devs it is confounding unless its a non priority.
    Season Wars have disappeared & only ASW remains other than EE lumped into events.

  12. Are u awaiting for a system where leaky builds can war?
    Cya in ASW....
  13. Devs won't listen to ideas or implement any changes to help the current state of ee I always say remove ee wars because of these reasons so fickle flip flopper is a super inaccurate title for me plz try again fail #1 ;)
  14. [title=#c6cfe7+blue]Yeah, Devs Are Working On That[/title]

  15. Sorry i've no direct contact with devs like u have.
    Missed mind reading classes way back when.
    How do i achieve Super Duper inaccurate status? Next event perhaps?
  16. Sorry no support
  17. Explanation?
  18. For income for devs ban anyone from draft wars who doesn't have an xtal and if not used in war the xtal is removed from your acct