Downtime Compensation

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  1. Putting aside the fact that SOD being compensated would only likely to occur during the worst of downtime, like Blackfriday.
    What would people like for compensation. After the release of NK, we've been given Xtals, instead of the usual 5 circs. And I get it, not a lot of clans run ZTA anymore, I don't even know when they open or close ZTA.
    But getting xtals as compensation is kinda boring, especially after the 100 xtals given after the Bad Charm code fiasco.

    Would like opinions, personally I wished they would open up the multiple tiers for ZTA again, as well as give us circs as compensation. Maybe one weekend per month?
  2. You.. are bored of free premium items to fully regen whenever you please? but 5 circles towards an eb requiring 100 circles to open, excites you? sounds backwards
  3. I've just got 100 xtals. I'm not in the market for more.
    But circles and the beefed up ZTA will definitely be more worth it.
  4. who says beggers can't be choosers?

    Anyway, I'd like BC.

    Ty devs.
  5. Just because you have xtals doesn’t mean that kaw should revolve around you.
  6. Honestly xtals make more sense than circles. Can't hit for x time? Here are items to make up those missed hits. We routinely got xtals before nk was released too, they're the typical downtime staple. Getting circles was nice occasionally though. But xtals work to counteract lost hits better.
  7. I think this game is filled with a bunch a lilly livered liberals. Im tired of everyone not carry a gun everywhere they go and thinking they gonna get dat der reward for just standin around n pickin der nose. I think when the game shuts down the devs should take our crystals away just to show us whats what. If yer strong enoufh you gonna pull yer self up by yer bootstraps and move on like a real man