Down with charmies

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Jack_Burton, May 12, 2018.

  1. People have too many charms ban them.
  2. -.- they’re always after me lucky charms...
  3. Who stole me lucky charms!!!! Ban them!!......and then ban all the complainers! (Then the game would be left with hardly anyone then, so I suppose not)
  4. You’re too bad to be banned
  5. Darn.
  6. If you want to be banned, go to the bank thread
  7. Support ban them all

  8. I agree Grizzle ban all Charmies 
  9. Anyone who claimed they worked and kept insisting that they did should be perm forum banned

    ...spreading false info about game mechanics or any aspect of KAW is strictly against TOU/ROC
  10. Since not all pieces of equipment/charms were affected by the glitch, it's perfectly reasonable that some people would see no issue with them (if they had a higher number of unaffected pieces, they would conclude that things were fine).
  11. They did work lol
  12. Exactly as you can see I have a few rewards

  13. You idiot you claimed they did then didn’t now you claim they do again ...Ild say you’re the ultimate yes man but really you’re the ultimate moron ....too stupid to even lick the window, you probably chew on the seat cushions thinking your licking the window

  14. Including yourself your the bigger charm fairly in KAW lol

    ...charm fairy is the new low for KAW eb fairies were bad enough now Grizzle fat is queen of charm traders lol
  15. I'll reply on a crappy alt because that's the cool thing to do most of my charms have worked since the release of the damn things and that's the end of that.
  16. You'd know all about fat cleaning out the friers at the local kebab shop you work at (part time) for minimum wage.
  17. I'm a beginner and I feel passionate about war. I feel as though new players who want to try to learn war have a disadvantage due to the charm system. It's as if the tenure system determines who wins and overshadows the factor of skill. Tenure being - whoever has played longer and has more charms automatically wins. To an extent, one way it can be seen is simply a coin toss system. I've only done individual war so far. These are just the thoughts that have occurred to me so far.
  18. Bad charmies!