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  1. someone put this as a link in the guide to equipment..
  2. Nice thread,  thank you for reminding us
  3. Even tho I already knew this and still did it anyway lol I support for the new players who don't know this and need to see it and make that decision better than most of us lol. Just so they don't have to keep grinding the same eb over and over hoping for a drop. It's easier when seeing info ahead of time. Great thread!
  4. If you have mistakenly transmuted an equipment piece you need for a br eb, the following may be useful:
    Ring of Illusion drops from Storm the Palace, is needed for Desert Sting
    Vermeil breastplate drops from Caves of Riches, is needed for The Gilded Lord
    Sunflare Bracers drop from Wasteland Wilds, is needed for The Sleeping Giant
    Stingpoint drops from Desert Sting, and while not essential is very useful in A Cold Calling
    Abyssal blade drops from Figure of Death, is needed for Sporak's Revenge
    Searing Sickle drops from New Growth, is needed for Scionic Storm
    Torrent Talisman drops from Scionic Storm & Glacial Squall, Is needed for Sporak's Revenge
    Stalwart helm drops from Crossing the Threshhold, is needed for Caves of Riches
    1 of Talon Ring, Bloodless helm or Stabilizer Boots, relics & scrolls to enchant these drop from Smoke Signals, needed for The Summoner (must be enchanted)
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  5. Great thread now if only ppl will read a quit asking. Ty