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  1. I'm looking forward to CTT!! That and the 4 trillion resets on my gold plated greaves.
  2. Nice work btw OP.
  3. Oh man the greaves lmao. At least no one can rage reset anymore.
  4. Nice job - 100% support.

    Sticky this for easy future reference.
  5. Support! Wonder how many ppl transmuted needed equipment and thought OH ****!
  6. I've been chasing them sr boots for three damn long yrs!!
  7. Thank you so much.
  8. There should be a forum like this but for equipment that gives especially more when transmuted. Like the Ice moth item that gives 70mil of all stats.
  9. The old equipment enchanting mechs still apply,they reset on fails at times had it happen to a alts TT shoulders
  10. The Blaze Undying Ring is needed for phase 1 attack bar of the epic battle:
    Demon God Zelgarad Empowered
  11. Yes I'm aware. Hence why I said no one can rage reset anymore. Player reset function gone.
  12. Mine are still at lvl4 .
    I wasted many hundreds of Aqua/inf on them which was quite a load then but never maxed them. I was almost about to throw my phone on the wall several times ?

    Btw an experience I lately made again when i tried to max my ice- weapon and shield before transmuting them. They both keep resetting at lvl4-5 back to 1-3. I tried about 20 Times now ???

    Any tips here?

    Good work op even if you can get back all eb-relevant eq easily its a helpful Info. Especially concerning scrag Equipment which Are NOT so easy/fast to get back.
  13. You don't want to know how much it took to get icetail to +12 if you value your aqua and inferno I'd just stop at level 10 lol.
  14. The trick to upgrading your equipment is once you fail you move to the next item and upgrade it until you fail once and then keep switching, if you sit there and try to upgrade the same equipment it's going to be no fun for you
  15. Didn't even think of this, thank you
  16. thank you:) I figured some people would make mistakes or accidentally transmute this equipment. I know it can be collected again but the Scrag eq is much harder to get back than others.
  17. he was talking about my comment
  18. Nope nope definitely mine! Lol
  19. Let's duel!