Don't Spam the forums. (Framed! D:)

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by -Deadly-, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. Sorry, my one minute thread making isn't the best :3
    maybe i should get...
  2. That exists????
  3. lol, it's more about managing a company. :p
  4. Lol nicely done deadly
  5. Deadly is one of KaWs better forumers 
  6. LMFAO Deadly.

    Cucumber Enema Hara-Kiri :lol:
  7. That word is censored? What the…

    Test : Cucumber
  8. -Deadly- lol
  9. -Deadly-. Upon the opening of this thread, I was reminded of this gif, which I believe rather accurately portrays yourself.

  10. Lol Señorita!

    :shock: :lol:
  11. Apparently too many vegetables are not a good thing
  12. Nice save deadly. Made a crap thread into a joke, then made it seriously a joke yet applicable.
  13. Hahaha nice hijack!
  14. What deadly was silenced?
  15. Deadly is on a roll !! ;)
  16. Lol, no, first post was deleted, i became op, and i changed it around :3
  17. Oh, and i'm not silenced
  18. actually its NOT advertising in my eyes; hes not telling you to buy it, he merely put an article up which featured a third party site.