Donald Trump(jerk or leader?)

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  1. The public? Considering how split we are, who would you try to "fix" anything for? Doesn't matter, either way, someone will be slighted.
  2. Ya that was written in a time when war consisted of muzzle loaders and people still used swords.
    Be kinda hard going up against a military with raptor fighters, drones, and god knows what else.
  3. "it would be hard"

    Seems like a weak attempt to try to invalidate a person's right to self defense?
  4. I think that's not the point
  5. Noones invalidating anything. Just saying this isnt the time period in wich that was written. One dosnt just gather up the townsmen and "take up arms" against the government these days. Hell our local national guard would obliterate any civilian army, no need to even consider it on a federal level.
  6. But for any civilian army to form, things would have to get much worse. And if things did get worse, I know I would want a fighting chance.
  7. Ya absolutely I agree, I know it sounds extreme but I think our government needs to be overthrown and reformed. They have strayed too far from the constitution. When the U.S. gov no longer serves the people they are supposed to be overthrown, has always been that way. Im just saying that saying it and doing it are two very dif things.

    But before anything like that can happen there is almost going to have to be a civil war between the people. We are becoming divided almost straight down the middle between extreme Lib who support hillary and obama and big government, and the far right who want small gov.
    One sides gonna have to win out before the people can unite and change our government.

    I get not liking Trump, hes hard to like, but how anyone could possibly vote for someone like Hillary baffles me, she represents every thing evil and corrupt in our gov.
    I try to be neutral but honestly extreme libs are the problem, they vote democrat regardless of who that is. Blind voting is dangerous and they do it every election. Thats how obama got a second term even though his first was horrrible. And right now the country is very liberal unfortunately so this will probably continue.
  8. I don't think it'll ever happen.

    It's pretty obvious no matter who we elect we're going to be the same. Our two candidates are the same they only appear different.
  9. Ya troll this is the saddest election I can think of. Both candidates are a joke
  10. What can we do though? The saddest part is that we think we only have two candidates there are many others who just aren't being shoved in our faces. Who's ideas are great.
  11. That's cause our media controls us more than we think. Weve always had candidates like those, but the only coverage the media gives those candidates is to tell us how bad they're losing.
  12. Vote me for dictator
  13. It is very hard and especially so in this day and age to separate all the media 'noise' from facts. The most important questions are being swept right under the rug. The consequence of this Information Age that we live in has actually been 'misinformation'. The most important questions one needs to ask here is- " what are the effects these policies are gonna have in my ability to perform in the society and what good is it going to do to me, my family, my community, my town/ city and so on and so forth.
    All this noise about bigotry, second amendment rights, Benghazi, dis honoring veterans, banning religious groups, email and server fraud etc have a dash of truth packaged in loads of media concocted hyperbole.
    I'll try to separate the chaff a little and speak about actual 'policy' details as announced by the individual camps. Remember- what's good for me might not be good for someone else. I could elaborate on the points but it'd take up pages in information. Since this thread is about Trump and his credentials. I'll post about his policies I like
    1. Creating a 15% flat tax for businesses
    2. A one time discounted 10% tax rate to bring back corporate cash held overseas.
    3. Simplifying the tax code into 4 brackets 0,10,20,25.
    4. Increase prevailing wage for H-1B visa holders ( this is the only thing that I like from his immigration policy)
    5. Increasing funding for job training and placement services and providing educational support and business loans
    6. Satellite VA clinics in rural and underserved areas
    7. Allow states to legalize marijuana (if the state wants to)
    8. Legalize drugs
    9. Put an end to China's illegal export subsidies
    10. Impose a 20% tax on imported goods
    11. A 15% tax for outsourcing jobs

    There's some stuff that I don't like about his policies-
    1. Ban on Muslim immigration (unenforceable and impractical). It should probably be- a temporary stay and enhanced vetting of people applying for visas from certain troubled countries.
    2. Deporting all illegal immigrants. Only cause it doesn't go with his tax plans. Instead- try ways to rehabilitate the existing pool to naturalize and weeding out people with criminal backgrounds( although this has its shades of gray)
    3. Require companies to hire American workers first. Only because it's fraught with loopholes and I can see problems in enforcing.
    4. Childcare write offs in taxes can't be implemented with his tax plan. It doesn't provide any benefit to low income households.
    5. I can't calculate or speculate how these policies affect the national debt. But, a good homework for people would be to find out if the national debt has ever gone down. Alright, I'll go ahead and give the answer- never in the past 80 years. It just started shooting up since The Reagan era.
    6. Alright, one essential non policy point. The Donald needs to get a grip on diplomacy. Most of what he says would fly by fine if it was a bar room conversation with friends. But, jeez you're addressing the nation here.
  14. You're my hero. Please be our leader!!!
  15. What about Gary Johnson the Libertarian candidate?

    I think it would be awesome if the Chinese American population threw their support to Johnson...could you imagine those rally chants...ERECT JOHNSON ERECT JOHNSON ERECT JOHNSON
  16. Lmaoooooo
  17. I Support Trump..don't want Hillary she's bad news. At first I was for Cruz but he lost so I went with Donald. I'm tired of the liberal crap and the mostly one sided media. We need to be strong again. We've lost that focus. "Make America Great Again". I would love to have a women president someday but not Hillary..yuck on all levels.
  18. I will also be voting trump simply to keep hillary out. Everyone needs to read what poppa bear just posted and understand what your doing when you vote hillary.
  19. The way I see it, neither is a less evil than the other, however it goes you'll all lose in the international community.
  20. Whatever some people here have been taught to believe about Hillary, she will be a steady, reasoned hand at the wheel - very expectable, quite unlike the other option who could just decide to start dropping nukes or sending drones because someone said a mean word about him.

    Hillary is viewed favorably abroad. Most world powers already know her. She's been in positions of power before. She may not be as easily likable, but she is as or more experienced as any former president, and we won't wake up some night to find ourselves in an unnecessary nuclear war. ... story.html