Donald Trump(jerk or leader?)

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  1. Trump is evidently working with Hillary to get her elected. Nothing else explains his comments after he won the Republican nomination.

    Hence the worst fear of Sean Hannity becomes reality: pinko democrats everywhere!!!!

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  2. Donald trumps entire family suck.

  3. Your only two examples were of violence, and threats.

    You don't have the right to violence, because that is hurting someone else.

    You don't have the right to threaten someone, because that isn't free speech. And again, it's not a right if it's regulated.

    Threats aren't just speech it's implying the intentions of inflicting harm on another being.

    My freedom ends, when I begin to try to infringe on yours.
  4. When trump filed bankruptcy it has to to do with his business not being a president so you using that is completely pointless in your argument. As well with that, him being a leader is good but not when you discriminate against, Muslims, and Mexicans for them being who they are. Not every Muslim wants to kill us and not every Spanish person is an illegal immigrant so don't just go and judge people for what they look like which is what trump is big on and his supporters are even worse.
  5. Not to mention that when they say he went bankrupt,he didn't. One of his MANY businesses did. Not to mention, filing bankruptcy isn't exactly what it sounds like. It's just a strategy.

    And also, Trump's plans are unconstitutional. We have the right to religious freedom, and to discriminate against someone based on religion is unconstitutional.

  6. So discriminating against someone of the KKK because they're in the KKK is constitutional?
  7. ^ my sentence had three k's
  8. No, the KKK is not a religion, not to mention it is a terrorist organization.
  9. So discriminating someone of the KK BECAUSE they're in the KK isn't unconstitutional? But it's religiously motivated? Same with ISIS. "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria". Islam being a religion.

  10. Make kaw great again
  11. I dont see how people still like the country, problems just seem to keep arising.

    Why not just get rid of all the bad stuff?

  12. are you saying that the principle motivation of the nations most notorious hate group is religion?

    not racism? religion. you think they are not a hate group, but rather a religious organization?
  13. The religion is not a terrorist act, the crimes are a terrorist act.

    Where they FIND motivation, does not mean that it is the terrorist organization. Finding motivation to do something bad, design make that thing bad.

    We have religious freedom, to be Muslim or Christian. But beating black people to death to prove a point, is a terrorist act.
  14. This thread is just a mouthful of fallacies, every thing on donald trump is fine. Read what a social democrat is and Obama is liberal to be fair on common sense issues like releasing people who didn't commit a crime, not discriminating against gay people and not wanting crazy people to have guns otherwise on economic issues he is your standard bowl of porridge. P.S I think more politicians should be accountable for the correlation between what they say and do since they are making financial gain on the former with the premise of the latter.
  15. While I absolutely hate Trump, his lack of political experience, yadda yadda, I would rather have him in office rather than Hillary. Hillary has done shady things in the past, and I wouldn't want a criminal in office, trusted with our nations secrets.

    But at the same time, I don't trust Trump with Americas secrets either. Wish the Independent candidate had more talk in the media.
  16. To me it's sad that "US" the people have better ideas on how to help this country than those that are said to be best fit to lead the country.
  17. Because those that are said to be best fit want to help themselves and their interests.
  18. correct, I think that the fact donald trump was able to get so close to the white house with no political background and a very lacklustre knowledge of the roles and boundaries of the office should be a wake up call that perhaps the elections need to be more performance driven but it will probably be an eye opener for corruption and the real political system instead.
  19. It's a right to own a gun under a well regulated militia. Would you call a group of mentally unstable people or emotionally oppressed people a well regulated militia?
  20. @simply_josh

    (I didn't want to quote all of that again, to keep things neat)

    The second amendments protects the right to bare arms.

    It does NOT protect the right only if you are a well regulated militia, you're mixing things up.

    You don't have to be a part of a militia to own a gun, and it's not your business either.