Donald Trump(jerk or leader?)

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  2. You act like its a joke, obama would love to "take our guns". He uses every damn thing that happens to push his gun control policies
  3. :roll:

    what did i say that was factually untrue?

    A) none of the gun control proposals made by obama involved "taking" anyone's guns. only crazy people believe that obama is trying to take their guns.

    B) some people DO believe that they can win a battle against the united states government using "guns".

    C) the fact that you believe that obama wants to take your guns, despite the fact that he hasn't done it in the past 7 1/2 years, has never suggested doing it, and does not have the authority to do it, means that you are a right wing partisan loon who believes anything talk radio tells you. increasing background checks to include gun shows is NOT "taking your guns". he never proposed confiscating anyone's guns. he never proposed preventing law abiding citizens from purchasing guns.

    believe me; if i ever hear ANY democrat in power talk about actively going around and taking people's legally purchased guns i will make sure to tell you about it.

    only crazy people think that is actually a thing. crazy people like you.
  4. To answer your question with out reading the wall of text, both.
  6. Some of the responses on here…

    Everyone is just battling each other, standing up for a belief system that was placed into our heads slowly everyday.

    No I'm not a conspiracy theorists.

    Literally every belief you stand for is biased, its based off what you've encountered in life.

    Some people are so lost in their world without ever thinking about everyone's experiences.

    Its like all the countless black lives we saw murdered and never stepped up. When 5 cops were shot everyone and their mother had an opinion. That all lives matter… yet if put to a vote they would all vote against Syrian refugees.

    On another note, we are all screwed. Its not only because of our government..but its also because we did it to ourselves. Everyone just sticks to routine- Democrat or Republican; Elephant or Donkey; Liberal or Conservative- and we're all still left unhappy..moping, waiting for the next ass to try and become president. Promising us a "greater" future.

    In the end we will never be happy with any choice we make, because its not our choice, and everyone is so caught up in a bubble they won't stand up for, not themselves, but equally and United.


    Side note: Imagine if nobody went to vote? Finally we stood up as a whole and decides no candidate properly represented the USA? What if Instead of just deciding on someone who fits some of our needs more than the other.. we found candidates who could actually make us happy instead of always dealing 4years for the best we were offered.. Even if they failed us, we knew we tried the best for our country and our people?

    Its morning and I haven't slept so I'm prob rambling, will look back later to fix anything in this post.
  7. I do agree with you man but some of the stuff you are saying is impossible because of how we work. We can't just change everything it needs to be gradual and slow. Although I do like your idea.
  8. Here's your answer:

    Liberal- he's a racist bigot

    The sane rational other side - SHES a racist bigot

    Truth be told .. On election night the American people will all be losers no matter which side of the aisle you're on
  9. Donald Trump is horribly unfit to be president. He doesn't hold an actual position. I'm voting Gary Johnson. We really messed up by not nominating Rubio or Cruz.

    Hopefully Johnson can make the debate stage, it will change everything.
  10. I agree wit killzone, i may sound like a conspiracist theorist too but the stuff written in books like 1984 by Orwell exists these days, we have cctv or similiar systems all over the world & its public knowledge that great governments & organisations monitor us daily using satellites & the net to "help us". It won't change if we do nothing but accept the system we're given. The world is oppressed & mostly forced to choose between greater evils, do you want to say all i did was bow down my whole life or be able to say i helped influence a positive change for both myself & those i choose to protect. It's only as 1 society of great balance can we move into a greater age of prosperity at this point & how balanced is any party system, like democrat v republican or liberal vs labour for example, ever really going to be.
  11. Honestly I think everybody is so caught up in the "Well at least he's a Republican" crap, there are few that would actually willingly elect him. His ideas are unconstitutional, many cases immoral. No matter which way you look at a snake, (left or right) it's still a snake. L
  12. And I hate to comment twice in a row, but I must say I disagree with you.

    A right isn't a right if it's regulated by government, if we had to register for freedom of speech, and ask permission before we expressed ourselves, we wouldn't have freedom of speech because freedom is the right to do something without asking for permission.

    If gun sales are restricted, and must be registered, then it is not a right.

    Will AR-15's save you from an airstrike? No, but I don't think any revolution would happen quite so directly, and I would rather die with an AR, than without. It's the closest thing to a fighting chance one could have.
  13. Even rights have limits and are regulated. Your freedom to swing your fust stops where I begin (your freedom to make a fist at me actually stops much earlier - see "assault")

    Freedom of speech has limits. You have no right to use words to incite violence or cause some types of harm (slander and defamation). You must have permits to speak and gather in certain places. Speech is regulated.

    Your right to bear arms is also regulated. We don't allow 5-year olds to carry a flamethrower into school. We don't allow terrorists to buy nuclear weapons and bring them to congress. Even the most fervent gun enthusiast understands the right to bear arms is already limited.

    So the only question is where that line is drawn. In the past, it included AR-15s. Currently it doesn't. Some think it still should, some think it shouldn't. Which is why an honest discussion should be welcome on all sides.
  14. Trump is a leader we may not know how trump would be as a president but we know how Hillary would be. There will be a lot more terrorists attack and there won't be any retaliation. So far on the terrorists attacks that have had there hasn't been a significant retaliation so they would know if you mess with us we will destroy you. I feel bad for our allies because Obama hasn't lifted a finger to help them and if Hillary becomes president she will act like Obama. People say they don't want Obama in office but yet they vote for Hillary. Sometimes when your a leader you have to be a jerk look at Russia Putin is a jerk has Isis done any terrorist attacks in Russia I haven't heard of any hmmmmmmm. Think about it and maybe people will realize the error of their ways.
  15. Donald Trump. Hairpiece or Human? You decide!
  16. In the past though we could stick with a side in this election we are thinking who is going to kill us the slowest.

  17. Trump is a proven leader, he owns several businesses, successful businesses.

    He filed bankruptcy to try and save those businesses, which he was successful at.

    He has proven he speaks from his heart, unlike Clinton who lies regardless of the question.

    Clinton has done nothing but talk people in circles, collect money, and defend her cheating husband, I don't want her as my President, she belongs in federal prison, and is responsible for the deaths of Americans in Benghazi.

    Trump may say some off the wall things but he is passionate about his country and wants to try and stay #1 on the leaderboard
  18. One word reply that renders this thread pointless: hillary