Donald Trump(jerk or leader?)

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  1. It's sad to see that Hillary and Trump are the 2 best candidates that usa have to offer and choose from.
  2. I don't necessarily love trump, i just really don't want to see Hillary in office. Tbh she shouldn't be allowed to run. She can't protect her emails or an embassy that asked for more security over 100 times; yet she thinks she can protect America. She changes her political views based on who she is talking to to gain votes. She lied about the sniper fire then said she mis spoke and was tired but she said it more than one occasion

  3. Ughh didn't hillary support the war?
  4. #SendHerBack

  5. what does hillary's actions as a "senator" have to do with worst who was the worst "president"?

  6. So WW3 > No WW3?

    This confuses me

  7. oh also before anyone says idiotically: "The usa would win that war"

    "*and then goes back to doing their sister*"

    Remember that NO ONE wins a nuclear war๎’๎’

    Using some of trumps vocabulary,

    its gonna be YUGEEE casualties
  8. Completely agree!

    In the words of Albert Einstein "if there is a ww3 than ww4 will be fought with sticks and stones".
  9. I've come to the realization that people are supported for idealism! So it doesn't matter the actions and or crimes, or at the rate of their occurrence. Their supporters support them regardless. #weliveinsadtimes
  10. Hillary, is a flat out crook, a liar and that family has embezzled so much money, stripping American rights and did absolutely nothing as a senator .
    As a Secretary of State, she indirectly has blood on her hands.
    Watch "Clinton Cash" and associated videos regarding Hillary, and Bill both. They made their millions smuggling cocaine into Arkansas, on open state government loans.
    Clinton body count = 52 after this weekend when another Sanders supporter, who filed suit, was mysteriously found dead on his bathroom floor.
    This family had their turn in the White House, which ended up in Bill being impeached . You all forget about that? Or not old enough to know? Bill was getting impeached when they left the White House for lying to the American people and a ton of other careless acts.
    Anyone alive during his run in office, look at Bill and immediately think of Blue dresses and cigars.
    I'm fully supporting trump, not because he's the best candidate for the job, but, he's the ONLY person who can win and keep crooked Hillary out of the White House for good.
    Trump or bust at this point

    My freedom and my 2nd amendment rights are important, and we'll all lose everything if she steps foot back into that big house .
  11. Watch the Clinton chronicles ! First person bill pardoned was his brother from pushing millions of dollars of cocain thru small airport in Arkansas. Google it. Clinton chronicles. <--- u have that evidence. Or you can cry trump hasn't released his taxes. Just like any of you everyone uses the law to pay the least amount possible. It just makes sense! Especially when you see how the Clinton's and other politicians spend it.
  12. Hillary...skank? Or stank?...or both?
  13. ya know...i always thought "people that think democrats are trying to take their guns away are crazy".

    then i remembered that democrats do want to take guns away from people with mental illness.

    and so i realized that people that think democrats are trying to take their guns away actually are crazy, but also correct.
  14. The second amendment was created for when we lived in fear of the British coming not to make yourself feel powerful and it's sad that most people feel powerful with a gun and that they don't just feel like they have it for that almost impossible situation that they will actually need it.
  15. there are people that actually believe that their ar15 will somehow protect them from air strikes.
  16. You didn't put a space between reasons 2 & 3.
  17. No but guns will protect me and my family from a home invasion. If you dont want to own a gun thats your right, but I always will. You go from saying things like the mentally ill shouldnt have them to acting like noone should have them. How far left are you?

    And I hope they do ban AR's, they even mention it and their price sky rockets. A full ban and ill be collecting 5 grand for my 700$ used AR15 lol

    Banning or making it harder to get guns will not stop people from getting them in the least, people buy/sale/trade guns left and right around here.

  18. i love how you projected your partisan bias onto me.

    i own a gun and support gun ownership. i never said anything about "no one" having them. i never said "i" thought mentally ill people shouldn't have them.

    have fun living in your own reality bubble though.
  19. Yet you chime right in with red , making fun of people over protecting their gun rights