Donald Trump(jerk or leader?)

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  1. ^Support
  2. Hes a better option than hillary but he has made too many kicking a cryung baby out of his rally that he has no chance of winning anymore
  3. Had my doubts on this thread, but great work! Always good to see rational, logic-based threads.
  4. Same hete
  5. Thank you I am glad to see a Republican that actually doesnt just blindly follow that moron. Support
  6. Would you trust him with the red button for the nuclear arsenal.
    A man that had no idea what trident stands for and states what's the point of having them if we don't use them.

    I personally dislike him, though some limited ideas of his make sense.
    But an idiot is capable of occasional sensible ideas.
    But that doesn't make him fit for office.

    It's a shame that you have no clear candidate that is worthy of leading the American people.

    We got lucky when coward Cameron quit.
    May seems to be doing a good job.

    I can only hope that continues and that America ends up in safe sane sensible hands that can strengthen global relations and help maintain peace whilst strengthening global economies.

    Personally I always believe that potential leaders should have to have qualifications pertinent to the job and strict psych exams to determine competence for office.

    After all our last chancellor of the exchequer rather than maths was qualified in political history. A very useful skill ( not ).

    I sincerely wish you had a more stable option because the last thing I want to see is the special friendship of the USA and UK tarnished by unstable leadership.

    Now back to getting rid of corbyn as opposition here. I'd rather vote for kermit the frog than him.

  7. His first lady should be his daughter <3

  9. Trump is a maniac I wont dispute that, but what makes me wanna cry is the people that are posting pro hillary comments. Do you drooling lib morons even realize what your supporting?
    Hillary has done a horrendous job as sec of state, supporting her is supporting obama policies who without any doubt whatsoever will go down as one of the worst presidents ever in our history. Google any fact you want, almost every u.s statistic has suffered under their rule, too many to list.

    Ya by all means hate trump, hes an unstable privelaged, delusional old man. But ffs if you actually support hillary just leave this country. You all do realize an indi canidate is an option?
  10. It's so sad that the media only shoves the two parties in everyone's face. There -are- fout candidates. Jill Stein and Gary Johnson are still running.
  11. Theres a difference ... With hillary u won't notice till too late.. With trump it will hit u like a truck with a few months

  12. the worst president? really?

    i'm going to guess that the man that led us into the unnecessary war in iraq is going to get that title.
  13. That chart ends in 2010 lol. But anyway im by no means defending bush or his illegal war on iraq. Of course job growth spiked after our great recession, nowhere to go but up.
    Never has this country been more racially, morally, or economically divided than it is now. Obama has been a horrid leader and so was bush. Maybe you misunderstand me, im not taking sides. Im saying its time for libs and conservatives to wake the hell up and reject these jokes of canidates and elect any indi canidate if one runs. Its the only voice we have, to say enough, we will no longer blindly vote for our party. We are all sheep, we blindly fall into big politics trap of making us hate the other side so bad we vote for "our" side regardless. Theyve been doing it to us for forever, and yet we still buy into it like mindless cattle. Its time both sides banded together and said screw this, we will make sure the democrat and republican party never get another vote until they stop force feeding us these corrupt, filthy rich scam artists as canidates.

    Does noone else see? Our whole political process needs to fail on both sides and be reborn or things will just get worse. The artical below sums up Obama's term. But ya Bush was also a fail. ... residency/
  15. Completely agree my man, Bush was the worst
  16. To start with, the presidential form of leadership and a political culture which has a habit of blaming and looking for weaknesses of the opponent candidate. Modern world has created a new showbiz in politics. Not only the USA, it's also happening in other nations which has a president as a national leader.
    We have other versions like Hillary and Trump, worldwide. Why? Because modern politics has become an entertainment.
  17. Stopped reading at charismatic...
    Charismatic ppl naturally draw attention to themselves, his hair isn't natural
  18. Still, anyone who sends 400m USD to the Dutch n Swiss for currency conversion then flown in an unmarked cargo plane to Iran can't be all bad. Least some of that will be siphoned off to the revolutionary guard to fund terrorist activities against Israel.(sarcasm)

    The sooner the "Don" is in the better